BUSFAM is a 360° digital marketing company that helps you boost your business.

Earn from a ‘Like’! Be an associate with us

Spending long hours scrolling down Facebook feed, ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ other’s posts?

Did you know how you can make money just by clicking some buttons?

Yes, you heard it right!

Save yourself from the punishment for wasting hours with social media and get earning with us on your favourite platforms just by enrolling as an associate.

Who can be an associate?


Cater to the checklist given below to be an associate with BUSFAM –

  • Have social media accounts
  • Be active on social media regularly
  • Enroll with us
  • Complete the assigned job (that may include Facebook likes and shares, YouTube subscribes and share, etc.)
  • Tell your friends about us and help them join
  • Keep earning in points
  • Redeem your points

Once you request your redeem we will transfer the earned amount through Paytm, Account transfer, etc.


Still not convinced? Know how you can benefit from us –

  • Considerable earning
  • Hassle-free jobs
  • Check the points you earn on the dashboard customized for you
  • Redeem as and when required
  • Opt for partial or complete redeem depending on your financial requirement
  • Keep a regular check on job updates on your dashboard
  • Keep an account on the completed jobs and the jobs left on your dashboard

Our easy to use dashboard and convenient redeemable process helps you understand the work procedure and earn till you are content. Besides, helping you join hands with us conveniently we bring to you a hassle-free enrollment process.

Need to earn? Get enrolled now! Take a tour to know how you can do it. Watch the video created only for you