SEO Enabled Website Development

Branding and digital marketing require a permanent digital address that you can secure through a website.


What is a website?

A website is a set or collection of several web pages along with other related content that is placed under a single domain name and published under a web server. Websites are designed and developed on a platform that is decided based on nature or industry your business or content belongs to. There can be two different types of the network for websites, the public network and the private network.

You can get in touch with the leading website development company in India to understand which platform and type of network will suit your business the best.

Who needs a website and why?

Anyone owning a business, wishing to have a digital address and mark a strong online presence can choose to invest in a website. Reasons you should work with a web development company in Kolkata for your website –

  1. Your customers are all online and expect you as well
  2. A website increases your brand value and credibility
  3. Offers you a social proof
  4. Supports your branding and digital marketing including PPC campaigns
  5. It maximizes your ROI
  6. Helps you communicate with your website
  7. Helps you be ahead in the competition
  8. Supports local marketing

How does a website help your branding and digital marketing?

Branding and digital marketing require a permanent digital address that you can secure through a website. A website not only supports your digital marketing strategy but also helps you promote your business easily.

Considering the dynamics of technology, customers are now online, and brands without a website fail to attract them, thus losing on a large scale audience. With digital marketing and branding supported by a website, you can not only promote but also add credibility and value to your business.

Which industries do we work for?

Some of the industries we work for are –

9. Hospital management -
10. E-commerce -
11. Flavours and Essence -
13. Gym & Fitness -
14. Banquet & Convention Centre -
15. FMCG -
16. Real Estate -
17. Business Consultancy Firm -


Which platforms do we work on?

The platforms on which our web development company in Kolkata works for are –



Why Us?

Choosing us is the best decision you can make as we have a team of efficient and dedicated web developers and designers. We do acknowledge the need for an effective website and have it ranked higher on Google search engine result page (SERP). We cater to all the possible industries irrespective of its size, whether big or small. We keep our clients first before infusing our unique approach towards your brand and its website development. Every step of our website development is consulted and communicated with you and on your approval, we shall proceed with the work. We believe and focus entirely on ROI or return on investment so that you are capital offers you the desired result.

We have a very unique approach to our work procedure. Our working pattern is as follows –

Step 1 – Discuss

A thorough discussion helps us understand your demands and designers.

Step 2 – Analysis

Based on the discussion we have had, our team analyzes and audits your brand or current website to create a strong foundation for website development or reconstruction.

Step 3 – Strategize

Post analyzing your brand we start strategizing a perfect website structure that will cater to your needs and requirements along with suiting your business the best. We also recommend whether you would require other services like SEO and content marketing while we create the structure.

Step 4 – Approval

Once we have prepared a unique strategy we start the work after seeking approval from your end.

Step 5 – Development

Post-approval our team of web developers in Kolkata starts to develop your website on the platform that caters to all your requirements and suits your brand.

Step 6 – Approval

After we complete with developing your website we send the project for your approval so that we can meet the desired changes and alterations to deliver you the best possible website for your brand.

Step 7 – Delivery

Once we are done making all the changes and alterations and have your approval we make your site go live.

Step 8 – Digital Marketing

As and when your site goes live, start with your digital marketing to promote your website on your recommendation. With SMM and SMO you can reach out to a mass audience and increase your clientele.