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BUSFAM is a 360° digital marketing Consultancy that helps you boost your business. Need to know more? Read on...


We have got our time-machines started! Hop on and let’s travel back to the time we started


Our roots can be tracked down to February 2016, when the idea of BUSFAM took shape. We realized the hunger for promotions that businesses have and to fill their appetite we took birth as the CEO’s ‘brainchild’ and framed as a 360° digital marketing agency.

Business Unit for Survey and Feedback Agency Management or BUSFAM encompasses all the required features of digital promotion to provide brands with the desired exposure and spotlight.We are an initiative by Riqueza Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. - an aggregator that assists in setting up your start-up or expanding your existing venture.

 Whom do we cater ?

Since the day of inception, we keep true to our oath – to help the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have online exposure and recognition and a higher return on investment through social media management and other digital marketing strategies.As a part of Riqueza Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. we also help small and medium enterprises expand and grow holistically.

Our group of companies include -

  • Riqueza Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Our Goal?

Stepping into a new year, we have further set our goals into shaping small and medium businesses and catering to their requirements. In an attempt to offer effective digital marketing solutions we are teaming up with professionals that hold the required knowledge and bring best to your table.

We look forward to supporting you and help your business grow the upcoming decades and earn greater returns on your investments.


Why trust us?


Customer retention


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Customer satisfaction

Our leading digital marketing consultant and SEO Expert in Kolkata has worked for some of the leading brands that you swear by. We have dug out the problems that they have faced owing to their low ranking website or no-online presence. With our team of creative heads, we incorporated strategies that have helped them excel, owing to which we can proudly say
Your go-to brands TRUSTS IN US!

How It All Began

2014 - Ideation

We studied the market and realized that the businesses that restricted to offline marketing were going astray amongst the online businesses. To eradicate these disputes and help these unknown businesses flourish as a brand we coined the idea BUSFAM.

2015 - Shaping

We went onto giving a structure to the idea that we formed with more market research to understand the target audience and how to uplift their brand.

2016 - Inception

BUSFAM has its inception in 2016 where we started to serve our clients and became a helping hand for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kolkata and drive their growth.

2017 - Expansion

BUSFAM grew to be one of the leading digital and internet marketing agency in Kolkata with experienced employees, SEO experts in Kolkata and creative minds. We slowly expanded our branches to different location to serve various clients.

2018 - Increasing Associates

With the number of projects flowing in we joined hands with many freelancers who have been working with us till date.

2019 - Achievements

We expanded to two new branches and also have one in Pune. Also, the number of projects kept growing owing to the on-time and quality work we have delivered in the past years.

2020 - Growth continues

BUSFAM continues to grow, extend the family and keeps on helping clients to achieve their goals through digital marketing and advertising services.

2021 - Battled challenges

We withstood the adversities of the coronavirus pandemic and continued to operate with full vigour and dedication with the strong support of our team and skills.

2022 - Expanded opportunities

As the team and clientele continues to expand, we established another office at the heart of the IT sector of Kolkata, at Salt Lake Sector V. While more opportunities and possibilities pour in to drive towards further expansion, we keep extending our service portfolio to house online and offline marketing skills. Visit our services page to know more about our capacity to help you grow your business, the ROI way.