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Website development and social media marketing increases clientele and revenue.


Fortune Realty

What the client required?

Then was a lack of booking which affected the annual revenue of Fortune Realty. Social media engagement along with audience or traffic pull in the website were the major concerns for the brand. The brand name, despite being a popular one in Barasat, failed to make a wider presence.

Increasing the site visits and the number of bookings was the main objective of Fortune Realty besides providing the middle-income group with the highest standard of living.

Our challenges

Since real estate is quite a challenging industry, it was difficult for Fortune Realty to compete with the already well-recognised and giant real estate names. Post the 2020 pandemic, this industry faced a massive hit, leaving an inadequate number of bookings. Fortune Realty faced the same blow and challenges when struggling to become the leading real estate company in the town.


Our deliverables

After in-depth market research and brand analysis, we acknowledged that the brand required awareness and online presence. Social media, website re-designing for smarter user experience, and Landing page creation to pull immediate audience and attempt revenue generation for the client, became our focussed areas to increase brand awareness and engage with potential customers. Therefore we ensured growth of the brand through -

  1. Website design and development and landing pages
  2. Social media marketing and optimisation for maximum engagement
  3. Online campaigns for better reach and conversions
  4. On-page and Off-page SEO for increased engagement and improved Google rankings
  5. Branding for brand awareness and engagement
  6. ROI-driven strategies for increased bookings and revenue
  7. Pay-Per-Click or PPC for maximum reach and engagement

The outcome

Today, Fortune Realty stands as one of the leading real estate companies in Kolkata. With proper social media engagement and online campaigns, we helped the brand maximize its reach and attract potential customers conveniently. Despite the frantic competition, Fortune Realty is now standing as a well-known brand with quality projects spread across the town, and has generated nearly 6X revenue from the leads provided by us.

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