Geriatric Care

Content marketing and SEO helps improve online visibility and SERP rank


Rising Care Senior Health Solution LLP

What the client required?

The client wished to increase brand visibility and raise adequate awareness across the country to stand out as one of the pioneering geriatric care service providers in Kolkata. The brand wishes to reach out to the mass audience and increase the client base.

Our challenges

There was a steep competition owing to the growth in the number of geriatric care agencies in Kolkata. The brand lacked proper social media presence and online visibility. The social media engagement was inadequate and hence it affected brand awareness. Promotional advertisements were lesser in number and hence there was a minimum reach.


Our deliverables

We focused mainly on campaign analysis and strategy creation to increase the conversion rate of the brand. Our deliverables included –

  1. Proper analysis of the brand helped us determine the target audience and understand the competitors
  2. We kept a close watch on the promotional activities of the competitors
  3. Our digital marketing agency worked on the online visibility and social media presence of the brand
  4. We also put efforts to create unique social media posts to increase engagement
  5. The Facebook advertisement was one of our promotional strategies to raise brand awareness amongst its target audience
  6. We made use of content marketing and link building to increase the search engine page rank or SERP
  7. We also integrated GMB strategies
  8. Organic keyword integration helped the success of our content marketing strategies and the number of content sharing increased
  9. We connected with the satisfied customers to receive reviews that helped in building trust and credibility
  10. A user-friendly website in collaboration with Webicorp helped customers to find the brand easily

The outcome

Rising Care Senior Health Solution is one of the pioneering geriatric health care service providers in Kolkata since 2013. The brand is loved and trusted by a number of senior citizens in Kolkata. We are still working on the brand to enhance its presence and to increase footfall. With our 360-degree digital marketing services in Kolkata, we enhance the social media presence of the brand and have increased the rate of engagement on the social media handles.

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