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4 Options with any combination. Refer friend | Survey | Facebook Like & Share | Google Search
Now 3 Point is equivalent to Rs. 1
No. Points contributed by one user is non-transferrable to another user
Request Withdrawal to Bank A/c or Paytm A/c or as Mobile Recharge
Minimum amount of redemption is Rs. 100, equivalent to 300 points.
No. Associates can earn online by participating in promotional work
As of now it’s free. All service are active to every associate.
Absolutely. As an associate all data that you share with us remain confidential.
We are patriating for online promotion of corporate advertisement through our platform. No information about the Associates will be shared to the Corporates and vice versa.
Redemption will be initiated and processed within 48 hours of request from Associates.
NO. Redemption request from one individual BUSFAM account can only be accepted in ONE bank account or PayTm number or as Mobile Recharge. Accumulated points from multiple BUSFAM accounts cannot be requested for redemption together, even if they sum upto 300 points or Rs. 100. One Bank A/c cannot be linked to multiple BUSFAM accounts.


Register with us. Our support team will be in-touch and guide you to use our platform.
Each corporate a/c will be verified with corporate email id and telephonic conversation. If you are authorised to do then we don’t have any issue. We will only protect to keep profitable interest for promotion with us
Our platform is very simple and one window. As many page or work or advertisement you want to promote we will help you out.
We have provided 4 type of controller to manage you campaign. Also you can schedule and re-schedule the same.
As every associate is independent and use own login (Non robotic), you can go to your FB page to get the user details who has participated in social promotion and advertisement of your Company | Brand | Product
As it is a promotional activity base, you can stop the campaign at any point of time and request for refund. 50% of the remaining balance will be refunded.
We have expert team to assist you for the same. They will train you how to use our platform.
Certainly. As every advertisement depends upon FaceBook and Google. If you don’t have, we can help in such case with nominal fee or 3 months advance payment of introduction offer.
You can choose any one depending upon your requirement or any amount as top-up.
There is no time frame for activities to get completed but until such activities are not done your balance will not be deducted.
Yes. Any illegal activity will not be accepted for promotion. If found, a/c will be locked and balance will be used for donation.