Fine Dine Restaurant

SEO and social media marketing increases visibility and engagement


Bawarchi Family Restaurant

What the client required?

The client wanted to increase footfall and customer preference. Social media presence was one of the biggest requirements of the client. The client also wanted to add focus on their major brands like Posto and Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor. They also desired to make the brand a well-known restaurant PAN India by increasing online visibility and engagement.

Our challenges

Bawarchi failed to have a proper online presence and visibility. It also lacked the required social media presence and social media engagement. The competition was much higher as there were several restaurants offering fine dining in Kolkata and hence it was difficult for the brand to have a strong hold of the market and attract customers at a large scale. Besides lesser promotional activities resulted in reduced brand awareness and footfall which affected the brand reputation and growth.


Our deliverables

We focus first on creating a social media presence by introducing the brand to several social media handles. Social media promotions were done for the three major brands – Bawarchi, Posto and Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor. Our significant deliverables included –

  1. We created social media pages for the brand
  2. Posts were created in advance and scheduled as per the requirement to increase the rate of brand engagement
  3. Our team in collaboration with Webicorp worked to create a user-friendly website with the facility of online ordering
  4. We made use of content marketing and keyword research for content building
  5. Adequate link building and content sharing help in reaching the mass and increasing SERP rank
  6. Our SEO agency practiced organic SEO that increased the dwell time of the website
  7. White-hat SEO was responsible for increasing online visibility
  8. Events were covered and promoted to keep the followers engaged and updated
  9. Creative posts help the brand to stand different from the crowd

The outcome

Bawarchi has evolved as one of the favourite places for the foodies in Kolkata. With our 360-degree digital marketing services in Kolkata we helped the brand flourish and reach out to the mass audience. Social media promotions, SEO and content marketing have proven to be the best campaigns for the brand, increasing its online visibility and engagement. Our efforts helped in increasing the footfall for all the three brands.

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