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You must have heard of the term branding? This word is spreading like fire in the forest. But, it is not just a trendy word that organizations use. In today's competitive market, branding works as diesel for your business.

To cater to the hunger of suitable branding, the branding agency of Kolkata has taken a step forward and offers the best of services.

Did you know?

The term branding has been in existence since 350 AD in a different form. The term branding was derived from the word “Brandr”, which means - "to burn" as per Ancient Norse Language.

By the end of the 1500s, branding was the term used for the process to mark (burned) cattle to prove ownership.

What is branding?

Branding, earlier, referred to be just an indicative method, where a product or a company asset was labeled to prove its owner.

Consider Guinness for instance- the first and the most recognizable brand to have a trademark symbol, the harp, in 1876.

However, the idea of branding has changed today. It is no more restricted to proving the ownership of a product or company asset. Branding, today, is a vast concept with which the branding organizations promote a business or a product to reach the masses.

Branding helps in delivering the required information, engaging the public with your ideas and converting them into consumers.

So why the wait?

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