Sports Club

Social media marketing drives engagement and reach and increases follower base


The East Bengal Club

What the client required?

The client wanted to have a successful online presence and to reach out easily to its fans and followers. Social media promotions were one of the main requirements of the client. The brand desired to reach its followers and give birth to new followers by developing a symbiotic relationship and trust.

Our challenges

The brand lacked adequate online presence that impacted on its reach. Social media engagement was very low to nil which deprived them of the followers and their support. Besides, the steep competition was one of the many reasons the brand was losing its charm and getting lost in the crowd.


Our deliverables

It was important for us to spread the thoughts of the sports club to its followers. Our main focus was to build a strong social media presence and increase social media engagement to help the club reach out to its followers and supporters. Our deliverables included –

  1. A user-friendly and easily accessible website developed in collaboration with Webicorp
  2. We developed several ROI driven strategies
  3. We created a strong social media presence to reach out to the followers and sponsors
  4. Our social media agency revived the rich history of the club to increase brand value and to let the new generation understand the worth of the club
  5. Scheduled social media posts helped in keeping the followers engaged
  6. We kept the followers updated on recent news and events of the club
  7. We highlighted the achievements, awards and accolades to bring the essence and value of the club back to life
  8. Several contest, quiz and games kept the followers engaged to the brand
  9. Old and new players were introduced one after the other to help the followers know the club better

The outcome

Slowly yet steadily the number of followers started to increase. With our 360-degree digital marketing services in Kolkata, we could offer the brand the required social media presence and adequate social media engagement. Besides, promoting the enriched history of the club helped in raising funds and connecting to the sponsors.

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