10 Tasks an SEO Service Provider Should Do for Your Site

10 Tasks an SEO Service Provider Should Do for Your Site

Exactly what does an SEO service provider in Kolkata do?

In this blog, BUSFAM gives you a clue into the nitty-gritty of the SEO services provided by them.

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10 Tasks an SEO Service Provider Should Provide

Here are 10 tasks an SEO service provider will invariably do for you.

  • Site Audit

The first item to check off the list is a site audit. The service provider will audit your site (perform a thorough investigation) and check for technical issues like broken links, weak or duplicate content, page load errors, poor page load speed, etc. Once the site audit is complete, the service provider will send you a report with all the flaws in the website.

  • Keyword Research

Once the site audit report has been sent, keyword research for the website will be done afresh. The original keyword list may be changed, updated or remain the same. This can be done after competitor analysis as well.

  • Technical SEO

The UX and UI should be SEO friendly and the website speed should be checked for its speed. Moreover, the meta title and description for each page should be optimized. Pages should be revamped if they are found to be faulty. Images should be compressed for faster page loading.

  • On-page SEO

On-page content like web blogs and website content needs to be optimized. Grammar should be checked, plagiarized content should be eliminated, and thin or scraped content should be removed. If possible, create E-A-T content according to Google’s principles from top content writers.

  • Competitor Website Analysis

Competitor analysis should be done in-depth to identify for which keywords their site is ranking. Moreover, their content, the length of the content, their page load speeds, and everything concerning your competitors should be known to you. An SEO service provider like BUSFAM can help you with the same.

  • Off-page SEO

With the use of Guest Blogs, social media marketing, social bookmarking and directory submission, the service provider will build up your off-page SEO. Beneficial and relevant backlinks will be created to your site.

  • Link Building

Link building continues to be one of the most important ranking factors of the Google algorithm. So, SEO service providers like BUSFAM will create plenty of backlinks to your site from high-domain authority websites.  

  • Paid Ads

If the competitor is running paid ads, it is necessary for you to do the same. Hence, this aspect of the strategy will be discussed and action will be taken accordingly. Social media creatives, copies, and tags will be created. Note, however, that this will be done purely only if the analyst believes it is necessary to do so.

  • Monitoring Rankings

Moreover, the company’s duty is to monitor rankings for all the keywords and take action should they drop. Strategies and plans will be put in place to again make the keywords rise.

  • Track and Report

Lastly, the company will provide a proper report with all the details of the monthly SEO avenues that have been undertaken on your behalf.


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