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5 Industries in India That Need To Invest In Digital Marketing In 2021

The future of digital marketing is flourishing. Considering the massive reach and effectiveness, digital marketing is now one of the most sought-after services today. Businesses, irrespective of nature and size, are now investing in a digital marketing agency to promote their business and to reach their target audience.

Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic fuelled the growth and need for digital marketing considering the halt of traditional marketing due to the Nation-wide lockdow

That being said, the lockdown had a massive hit on the major industries such as tourism, education, restaurant and more

Given that you are continuing to read, we assume you either belong to this industry or your business has been suffering. Therefore, we are here to help you save your business through digital marketing, fight all odds and take your brand to the heights of success.

Shared with you are names of 5 industries that need to invest in digital marketing and why –

Travel and Tourism

Although it is too early to claim that the worst is over, vacations are fortunately coming back to reality. The year 2020 has been pretty tough for the travel and tourism industry as many avoided travelling due to the spread of coronavirus. As things are coming back to normal again, there is a little ray of hope for recovery. But convincing travelers is a bit of a challenge.

Considering people are scared to travel and also instructed to refrain from doing so, it can be difficult for the travel and tourism industry to generate revenue.

Looking at the brighter side, it is now the best time to raise awareness and reach to prospective clients through digital marketing to ensure higher conversion in the near future.


 Get in touch with a digital marketing agency to follow the online trends that can help in boosting the business, such as – 
Tip 1  Get back to the SEO basics 
Tip 2 Gain trust and empathy through promotions 
Tip 3 Raise awareness about your safety measures 
Tip 4 Offer flexible booking options 
Tip 5 Trust on social media  
Tip 6 Opt for influencer marketing 
Tip 7 Content marketing is the king

2021 (hopefully) can be a year where small travels would take place if all goes well.

But did you know that even during the lockdown, many chose to travel just to live in tranquillity and away from the sweet cacophony of the city?      
In case you would be working with a digital marketing agency you could have been able to convert these people into your prospective customers. 
Nevertheless, it is not too late, and you can start right away.


Since the world went online, the 2020 pandemic disrupted the education sector massively. However, the industry is coming back with a bang by working with a digital marketing agency and promoting to reach a massive clientele.

How is this industry promoting?

The education sector is making use of several technologies to boost their brand such as – 

  • Learning Management System 
  • CRM 
  • Student Information System 
  • Augmented Reality (AR over VR) 

Besides, the digital platforms can be used to reach students and share about their facilities, infrastructure, placement assistance, faculty, campus and much more. Besides, online admission can also be facilitated to make it easier for students


Along with the travel and tourism industry, the market of hotels has been down as well. With less to no travellers, hotels were facing severe loss. Taken into consideration that the travel and tourism industry is slowly coming back to pace, the hotel industry is also participating in the race.

Nevertheless, it is important to promote the industry as much as possible to reach the masses and to kick-start the business. Investing in a digital marketing agency will do great in such a scenario.

Some of the digital marketing tips that can help are –

Tip 1 Use of social media to engage travellers 
Tip 2 Building an effective landing page to extend the reach 
Tip 3 A SEO-enriched, user-friendly website can work wonders 
Tip 4 Promoting a website through digital platforms 
Tip 5 Use of SEO-enriched content

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Restaurants can trust digital marketing strategies to boost their business amidst this scenario. In case you belong to this industry you can consider building a user-friendly website and focusing on local SEO mainly. Social media can be an effective platform to reach and engage customers.

Heard of influencer marketing? It can be of great help as well.


The fitness industry faces a lot of challenges in reaching out to people and raising awareness about the requirement of gyms and fitness studios. A digital marketing agency can be of much help in reaching out to its customers and convincing them to avail membership. As the 2020 pandemic shifts all to the virtual and online platform, digital marketing can be quite effective in bringing them back to your cement and mortar studio.

Summing up…

Working with an online marketing company can do wonders for your business. It is just a matter of patience and efficiency. All you need to do is get in touch with the leading digital marketing agency near you such as BUSFAM and target your customers towards your business.