5 Most Affordable Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata

5 Most Affordable Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata

When you look for a  digital marketing agency in Kolkata, affordability is certainly at the top of your checklist, especially if you are a start-up. Running your business is pretty hard by itself, so how much would you have left for marketing?

Hence, you may be on the lookout for affordable marketing yet at a very high quality. If this sounds like you, then this list of companies would certainly be helpful to you.

They are affordable, yet with a great emphasis on quality which you can figure out just by checking their social media handles and websites.

  • Webicorp

Based out of the USA, Pune, and Kolkata, Webicorp is one of the most affordable digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. The services they offer include website development, digital marketing, SEO, PPC and other services. What makes Webicorp stand out is the price point. Where other agencies charge a bomb to get your work done, Webicorp is very affordable and reliable. The quality of their work can be seen in their portfolio.

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  • 7Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd.

7Boats, established in 2011, is another digital marketing company that allows for affordability. Clients looking for quality work can opt for this company. Moreover, it is a pretty useful company for start-ups on a shoestring budget. Some of the services they offer are branding, graphic design, content writing, etc.

  • SB Infowaves

SB Infowaves offers services that are considered reasonable in price. Their services include SEO, Social Media Marketing, SEM, PPC, Graphic Designing, etc. SB Infowaves serve small businesses in Kolkata and are a pretty good digital marketing agency.


Based out of Singapore, Pune and Kolkata, BUSFAM  has been incepted in 2016 with 6+ years of experience. It is the core digital marketing arm of the corporation. It offers services such as PPC, SEO, Branding, Website Development, etc. BUSFAM charges its fees based on the project and is quite nominal in comparison to the rates charged by other companies on this list. The company has been in business since 2016 and has managed to amass quite a few clients because of their nominal price points.

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  • Kreative Machinez

Kreative Machinez is a relatively young company offering more or less the same services as the above companies. However, the company provides affordability and quality in the same breath. They also offer the entire gamut of digital marketing services and a nominal price point.

How to choose a digital marketing agency in Kolkata?

Here’s how to choose a digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

  1. Look at their previous work. Ask for a detailed portfolio and flip through it for a look at their work. 
  2. Are they an expert in the domain where you want your work done? For example, are they experts in Google Ads or content? What is their domain of expertise?
  3. What is the price point they are asking for their work? Can you afford it and is it well within your budget?


Affordability is an important criterion to look for when you choose a digital marketing agency in Kolkata. Start-ups in Kolkata have a relatively small budget when it comes to marketing, hence they need to be on the lookout for affordable options.

On that note, we created this list of affordable digital marketing companies. We hope you are able to find an agency that you can work with securely!