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Are Digital Marketing Agencies Worth The Hype?


There may be many asking you to work with a digital marketing agency for your brand’s promotion. Acknowledging the fact that when it comes to your business, it is obvious that you will be picky and sceptical of everything that comes your way, but the world is fast and hence your decisions need to be quick and smart. 

This is when digital marketing companies become mandatory for every business. Keep in mind that they do not just stand for promoting your business on social media (albeit it is one of their key strategies) but there are several other steps that they make use of, to allow your brand to be unique and stay ahead in the competition.  

So why are you waiting? BUSFAM is your destination for quality digital marketing of your business. Just get in touch with us for brand reputation analysis and, to begin with, your digital marketing campaigns at the earliest. 

But before you sign on the dotted line understand why digital marketing firms are such a hype and how it can help your business grow. 

What are the services offered? 

Before you evaluate the portfolio for the quality of deliverables of the agency it is necessary that you know the kind and type of services they offer. Make sure to hire a company that adheres to your needs and offers services that suit your brand the best. 

Keeping it short given below are some of the services offered by the leading digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. 

#1. Search engine optimization

The most spoken about and the most sought-after services, SEO stands the success secret for all businesses. 

Even you must be aware of the term Search engine optimization. Basically, SEO supported by content marketing and other strategies that make use of keywords can increase the rank of the website on the SERP or search engine result page. Increased online visibility and greater footfall are two of the benefits of SEO. Just like other digital marketing strategies, SEO is measurable and the performance can be analysed and the strategies can be changed if required. 

#2. Social media marketing

The increase in the number of users and the hours spent on social media is not unknown. And if we look closely, we are also spending a lot of our time being on such platforms. Thus it makes it normal for our customers to be on social media and to be following some of the other brands that might interest them. 

So why not be a part of their interest?

Social media marketing helps in attracting customers and keeping them engaged. This gives the client base a push and also helps in increasing customer retention. The more the engagement, the more is the trust built. Strategic social media marketing can help your brand increase its awareness and reach the heights of success. 

Need help? 

Our team of adept social media marketers can help you achieve your social media goals and reach out to your audience with ease. 

#3. Pay Per Click

Pay per click or PPC has been earning much acceptance and demand due to the benefits it provides. Pay per click is the best for Google advertising campaigns as it helps in boosting the advertisements and reaching the maximum audience. 

The process of paper click is pretty simple and every competent digital marketer can help you utilise the benefits of it. 

How does PPC work? 

In case you wish to promote your advertising campaign on your preferred search engine you are first required to pay a predetermined amount to list your advertisement and then the rest of the amount needs to be paid against every click on your advertisement that redirects the customers to your website. 

For those considering PPC as an expensive investment, it has been reported that the profits PPC induces for the business is comparatively higher than the amount spent on PPC. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

#4. Google My Business

You must have heard about Google my business or GMB. It helps in listing your business on Google and helps you attract customers against every search with relevant keywords. It is one of the easiest and the first step to getting your business online. 

#5. Content marketing

Content is considered the king of marketing. Be it blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases or even voice-optimised content, content marketing will never be old school or outdated. It is the best way to promote your business and support other digital marketing strategies such as SEO with relevant keyword integration and engaging and quality content. 

#6. Video marketing

Videos are in! 

Businesses are making a smart remove by considering video marketing as one of their core digital marketing strategies. Live video sessions are creating a wave in the market. With the unfiltered and unedited videos, businesses are reaching out to the customers the way they are. This develops a healthy relationship and creates an atmosphere of trust. Live videos also act as a bridge of communication that keeps the customers engaged with the brand and also persuades their purchase decisions. The audience is moved by the real side of the businesses and feels the concerning brand more relevant and authentic than the others, thus increasing your sales, customer base and customer retention. 

Such services are the reason behind the much-created hype that is being utilised by businesses to grow. In addition to the above, there are other services offered by a digital marketing agency such as app store optimization, online reputation management, email marketing and others. 

How to choose the best company for digital marketing? 

Choosing the best digital marketing company in Kolkata can be a bit difficult due to its availability. However, if you keep certain factors in minds such as experience, quality of services, specialisations, skills and credibility, deadline management skill, professionalism and more, you can ensure the best digital marketing strategies from the best digital marketers for your business. 

While you hire, consider opting for agencies with a team of youth and fresh and creative minds to ensure unique and different methods of promoting your business.