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Questions to Ask a Facebook Marketing Company While Hiring

If you wish to increase your revenue and looking for a leading Facebook marketing company in Kolkata, or wherever you may require in India, then you are likely to today’s discussion immensely beneficial.

But let us begin with a famous quotation of Richard Feynman that aptly illustrates the very difference between actually knowing something and knowing it superficially.

Names don't constitute knowledge. Simply knowing the name of something, like a bird, for example, is not the same as knowing how that bird flies or finds its way. Even if you can translate the word for bird into five languages, it didn’t mean you know anything.

We have chosen to refer to the aforementioned quote because it is imperative for you to have a proper understanding of precisely how nominal knowledge differs from experiential knowledge. To put it simply, while the latter speaks of gaining a meaningful perspective, relevant outlook, and sound judgement, the former is pretty much like a trainee frantically searching the web about Facebook advertising tips in a conference call.

To summarize, we are going to talk about leveraging Facebook for making money and not doing branding or managing customer service. If you want to boost your earnings and grow your customer base, then you have come to the right place.

Here are a few of the vital questions that you must remember to ask when co-ordinating with your preferred Facebook advertising agency in Kolkata or wherever you may need in the country.

How you are to explain CPA or Cost Per Acquisition the way it is relevant to Facebook?

It is one of the most essential metrics for computing your ROI or return on investment and any top Facebook marketing agency never forgets to consider CPA as their top determinant of performance. It necessarily boils down to mean revenue per customer and you should always make a point to know the particular figure every time you are to have your very first consultation with a potential Facebook marketing partner.

For the uninitiated, blended Facebook CPA equates to the total number of advertisements on the particular social platform divided by the entire volume of sales yielded by those Facebook campaigns, and it is highly recommended to further break down your CPA in the following fashion.

  • CPA for present customers
  • CPA for new converts

You should pay more for a newly converted lead and as based on the estimated lifetime value of the same

  • CPA for new customer prospecting, for instance, introducing your brand to new consumers
  • CPA for new customer remarketing, for instance, targeting someone with your advertisement who has added stuff to the cart though has never really bought anything

To suffice, you can expect the blended CPA to offset the acquisition expenses of new customers more often than not. Do get in touch with any of the leading digital media companies in Kolkata or wherever you may want to know more in this respect.

What kind of attribution window you are to employ and why?

It is the most ignored question by far when consulting with any digital advertising agency in Kolkata or wherever you may wish. The typical attribution window is four calendar weeks post click and twenty-four hours post view. However, do keep in mind that the companies look for other factors as well.

What type of Facebook advertisement goals you are to deploy and how they are to work together in relation to boosting revenue and increasing customers for a static CPA? Explain!

As your business objectives are on the floor of the funnel, based on revenue and acquisition, it is really vital for you to ensure that your selected agency does not get obsessed with brand awareness. While the particular objective does have its merits, they are not relevant and rather a moot point for the time being. 

How you are to structure your account for interacting with new prospects who have never come across the brand on a social platform like Facebook, seen and/or engaged with the brand there, or have already bought products of your brand? Explain!

Every advertisement is altered depending on how much they know, love, and trust you, the customers that you are attempting to target. Starting from the CTA or call to action, every little component of the web real estate does matter, and we cannot agree more. To put things into perspective, new converts are to rather click on anything that shouts Explore and Learn More in comparison to prequalified consumers who click on CTA like Subscribe Me and Buy Now. Make sure that your chosen agency picks up wisely and carefully.

What can be an optimal volume regarding audience overlap across campaign sets for estimating, re-targeting, and retaining? Explain! What are the factors that can make you change your answers??

While some of the companies are no doubt open-minded to humbleness, it is often acknowledged as a tell-tale sign of weakness. It is the reason why the latter part of this question should be taken into serious consideration. If you are to pay them a five-figure amount, then you have every right to compel and ask them to change their perception based on the amended data. The rule of thumb is to have expectations being a client, be overly organised, and maintain your perseverance.

Are you to exclude or include devices and placements in your targeting, and if so, what are the things that you would? Explain!

While it is vital to learn about your customer, it is equally critical to understand who your consumer is not. Never assume that your agency is to have this information already, or else, your advertisements will be displayed to the wrong kind of audience and your financial resources will be wasted.


The succeeding task would be to supply a previously executed project and/or real information for having your potential Facebook marketing strategist answer the aforementioned questions in relation to the actual campaign account and/or trade.

A seasoned Facebook marketing specialist will refer to one’s experiences for providing examples along with what they believe and why as well for each of these questions. The moral of the story is that experiential acumen turns out to be the most functional type of expertise for the marketers of Facebook for the very reason that the right answers are to vary based on when something was done, why, and other allied key variables.

Most of the businesses are to have subtle differences that will govern an appropriate Facebook marketing strategy for them and a veteran Facebook marketing agency will be fully capable of addressing those nuances.

To sum up, let us borrow yet another quotation from Richard Feynman.

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.

Better questions translates to superior agency partnerships and if you are to utilise the experiential knowledge of your Facebook marketing consultant in the first place, strategically and most of the time, you are guaranteed to get many times more than what you have spent towards their monthly remuneration.