Reasons SEO and SMO Should Work Together

Reasons SEO and SMO Should Work Together

At present in the search engine results pages or SERPs, Google shows a mix of organic results, advertisements, and social media handles.

Hence, it is necessary for your brand or business to have both strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). In this blog, we will look at what these two are and why they should work together to boost a business’s online presence.

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So without further ado, let’s start!

What is SEO?

SEO is an organic way of driving traffic to a website. It’s what you do for the website that makes it rank on the SERPs without using any paid methods. The basic thought process is to get improved rankings on SERPs.

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What are the methods of SEO?

To make a website rank higher, there are some common methods that digital marketers use. They are:

  • Keyword Planning
  • Well-written content
  • Optimized Meta Title and Meta Description
  • Link Building 
  • User-friendly website

What is SMO?

SMO or social media optimization refers to the optimization of social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Sometimes Google shows these results on the SERPs as well. Optimizing social media makes sure your account builds trust and familiarity with the customer. SMO is basically SEO for social media handles.

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What are the methods of SMO?

The methods SMO uses to bring traffic to the website are:

  • Creation of shareable content
  • Makes the sharing of content easier
  • Providing outbound links to your website
  • Create engagement with customers

Reasons SEO and SMO Should Work Together

Take a look at 3 reasons why SEO and SMO should work together. In your endeavours to get them to work together, you can hire an SEO company in India that will help you to maximize your reach.

  • They have a common goal

SEO and SMO have one common goal, which is to drive traffic to the website. SEO’s focus is on improving the rankings of a website, while SMO drives traffic to the website through social media posts, reels, and other types of posts. Although both work in different spheres, they do impact one another. They are both concerned with driving traffic to a website for the prescribed end goal.

  • Social media sites are being indexed by Google

Moreover, after Twitter feeds began to be indexed by Google, Twitter shares became a proper link building strategy as well. Hence, you can see that both SEO and SMO are linked inextricably for the long run to drive relevant traffic to the website.

  • Social media builds engagement

One of the primary uses of social media is to create and build a strong engagement with the customer base. The same is true of blogs and off-page articles that are created for user engagement. Both methods build engagement.


SMO and SEO are two faces on the same coin so to speak. They work in tandem to achieve the various goals of branding, engagement, better rankings, etc.

  • SMO and SEO have a common goal. The common goal is to drive traffic to the website of a business or venture.
  • Popularity on social media sites boosts the credibility of the website and indirectly the ranking on SERPs.

To achieve these goals, hire the best SEO company in India today!