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Reasons Why Your Business Should Choose Live Streaming

It might sound weird, but companies are really going live now. Live videos are predictable and can sometimes go completely haywire and lead to an unprecedented situation. 

Then why are companies taking the risk? 

Well, if you put all the required efforts and checkout a proper video flow, your lifestreaming can be the content that converts. Besides, live streaming is now considered as the new radio, a zen generation powerful marketing tool that offers tangible benefits to your brand. 

Going live opens up a whole new world for your business, offering endless possibilities and a lucrative platform that helps you reach out to our clients and customers conveniently. 

Although it may sound a less viable idea at first, hear us out, it is one of the best steps you can take to boost engagement and build trusting relationships with your audience. As per the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata, live streaming not only contributes to a better sales ratio but also elevates brand image. 

In view of the benefits it offers, many companies are already taking up the opportunity to go live and build enduring relationships and beneficial engagement with the audience

That being said, if you still believe that live streaming is not for your company, here are some reasons why your brand should be going live today - 

  • It can help you build trust

Gone are those days when people used to be attracted by robots speaking to them. Today audiences are more attracted to live streams where they can connect and engage in real-time. Live videos offer an unedited, unpredictable and uninterrupted approach to the video that charms up the whole scenario and presents your company to the audience in the most authentic and genuine way. This unedited version of your company makes your brand more reliable and trustworthy for the audience than the rest. 

With more viewers' trust gained, your brand can score higher and better in this competitive market. And who knows, your screen talent can help you or your employees become a star and one piece of advice can be of much value to your audience. 

And once you reach that spot, there is no looking back! 

  • It can boost engagement

One of the greatest advantages live streaming offers is real-time engagement. With a decreasing patience level in the customers, waiting for an answer for “3-5 business days” can be a drive many away. But with live streaming, your audience can get their answers on the spot, which seems more viable than waiting for an official mail. 

This unofficial and friendly approach is what customers seek these days. And, the like, comment, share and subscribe can be the turning point for your business. 

This unpredictable, immediate, unscripted and spontaneous nature of life video helps new viewers tune in with your business pretty well. 

It has also been reported that viewers are more interested in live videos and watch them 10 times longer than Video On Demand content. 

  • It can raise brand awareness

As viewers are searching for live content more than the edited pieces, your live streaming can catch their eyes. And as live streaming allows you to learn more about audience preferences, you can put those into use to grab viewers attention. 

This helps you in generating brand awareness. Besides, higher engagement and increased viewer retention rate offers more opportunities for the brand to secure a spot in the market and increase its sales. 

However, you need to understand that viewers are looking for real and unedited content. Although you can outsource talent, using your employees seems to be a better option. Your employees can become a recognisable on-screen personality and well-known influencer, they can also help spread positivity about your brand. 

In addition to the above, producing a live stream is much more convenient than producing a trending or a VOD (Video On Demand). With live streaming, you can be who you are and there is no need to be perfect. Live streaming that is unedited, unfiltered and unscripted attracts more attention than videos that have been strategized, scripted, recorded, and edited. Besides, VODs have the continuous pressure of being "perfect to the T" for which it takes longer to produce and may incur additional costs. 

Also, it's a no-brainer, live streaming is far more accessible than it ever was. With the launch of several live streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and more, it is extremely convenient to connect with your audience in real-time. There is no need to install or pay for software to edit and filter videos, thus eliminating the need for additional manpower and talent. 

So what are you waiting for? 
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