SEO Company in India On the Automation of SEO

SEO Company in India On the Automation of SEO

Using Artificial Intelligence in the field of Search Engine Optimization is certainly going to be a big step in the future, or should we say in the present?

As we have seen, with the rise of Wix and WordPress, several SEO tasks are being automated and making life easier for SEO experts.

Hence, this SEO company in India, BUSFAM has decided to take an insightful look into the ways in which SEO automation can make life easier for all involved in the SEO process and what the impact of this will be. Let’s take a look!

How Automation Can Help SEO

Now, let’s look into how SEO can help automate several tasks in the workflow. We will see how SEO helps technical, on-page, off-page, strategy and content.  

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves the maintenance of technical factors such as:

  1. Website speed
  2. User Experience (Web Vitals)
  3. Mobile response
  4. Structured Data

There are plenty of sites that offer automation in this case. The names of the sites are MOZ, SEMRUSH and WooRank, ScreamingFrog, etc. These tools can analyse the website and determine which technical factors need to be optimised and how you can get started on them.

  • On-page SEO

Typically, we optimise the meta title, the meta description and the headings. How can these be automated? AI and deep learning are the techniques whereby these can be optimised requiring no human interference. Natural language processing can also be used to improve the page’s structured data mark-up. Tools like WordLift can help to optimise the same.

  • Off-page SEO

In off-page SEO the typical task that we should try to automate is the discovery and creation of backlinks. Backlinks are a vital component of off-page SEO as they pass on link equity from high Domain Authority sites. This helps in boosting the ranking factor of the web page. At present, we have tools like Ahrefs backlink checker, to determine which are the backlinks your competition is using. See how easy automation is making your work in SEO? This SEO company in India certainly believes so!

  • SEO strategy

If you want to automate traffic patterns, A/B testing, and make proper future predictions you can try to use machine learning for the forecasting. We can use machine learning models to help us in the prediction of future trends. Some of the tools that we can use include, Google’s Casual Impact Analysis and Facebook’s Prophet.

  • Automating Content

AI is going to take over the creation of content according to an article by Word Lift. There are plenty of language models that will produce content for the consumption of the public. However, there are still limitations at present regarding this, and only the future will tell if the job of the content writer will be forever eclipsed by that of the machines. Moreover, using AI we can even create SEO article outlines! Certainly, the work got easier.


SEO is indeed a labour intensive process that produces long-term results for websites. However, as can be seen above, this SEO company in India believes that not all SEO work can be automated. Despite that, there are plenty of tools that we have stated that can help to ease the burden of SEO.

However, BUSFAM believes that the future of Artificial Intelligence is today and now. Fine-tuning is required to help SEO takeoff in the automated field. In digital marketing life gets easy with automation.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and contact a digital marketing agency like BUSFAM that is ready to step into an automated SEO future.