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Tips for Real estate use of Digital marketing to increase sales

As a real estate owner, you may have encountered a major shift in the last ten years. Customers are beginning to purchases houses differently now. Starting with online research in the market of what they want from their future home. Nearly 94% of the baby boomers and 84% of the millennial are using online research to find their best homes.

Digital efforts has hit every industry, taking from food processing to real estate, education system to the hair salon. Best Digital marketing companies in Kolkata is growing drastically.

As a real estate professional, if you are nowhere close to digital marketing. Then you're missing out the pool of opportunities in Kolkata.

That's why real estate owners need to use Digital marketing at their forefront for their marketing efforts. From the generation of new leads to effective sales. The real estate industry can completely rely on digital marketing.

Importance of digital market in Real estate

Social media is one of the changing games for the realtors who are looking for ways to get the attention of the online audience. Starting from buying Facebook Business Ads to sharing photo Albums, different social media platforms allowed real estate owners to develop a brand.

Nearly 84% of the real estate owners are now using social media to promote their business. So, you must know that your digital marketing strategy can have a larger impact on the business than traditional forms of marketing.

To get started with your real estate digital marketing, use the following tips to get the results you are looking for:

Use the power of Social Media

As per digital marketing effort in Social media, there has been a phenomenal growth in the number of leads from real estate marketing. Buyers get more interested when they are displayed with a virtual buying experience. Mostly, when it comes to high-cost products.


You can begin your digital marketing campaign on Facebook with more than 1.47 active users.

Create your page for business and use Facebook insights to increase your understanding on the page's audience.

This will let you narrow down and target messages to meet your audience's demands. For instance, if you are selling homes within a residential community. You can target your ads for young people who are hunting homes by preferred locations.

You may also consider taking the benefits of paid advertising on Facebook. This will help you easily endorse your business. Also help to grow the business reach to the audience who have similar interests.


The selling of pictures is the best option for the real estate industry. As the audience now wants to see the pictures of the property they're interested in, to decide if it's a good match for them.

Instagram has now reached one billion active audiences, which is a chance to expand your reach. You may consider promoting open houses, upcoming trials, or showcase your company's agents or listings.

This will allow you to get the word circulated. They will get an idea on your offers, mostly those who are willing to buy property in your business area.


YouTube is another social media channel that is gaining popularity faster. With more than one billion users across the globe, YouTube's reach is massive. It is also a smart digital marketing tool. Using this you can showcase the properties for sale and communicate with subscribers.

This adds a powerful humanizing weapon for your company. Most of the audience wants to know who they're working with. The company that has their interest at the lead, which only YouTube can do.

Create an Email Campaign

No matter what the industry deals with, an email campaign can nurture your business. In connecting with the prospects and in maintaining consistency with the previous customers. Preferably, a well-established campaign will help to funnel the potential audience.

Developing user prone websites

How many times have you opened a website just to close it, because it wouldn't load fast? Many times, with so many photos and links, real estate websites can sometime become a developer's fright.

With the help of professional's web designers hired from the best digital marketing company in Kolkata. You can gather knowledge about what your customers are looking for. Moreover, they can help realtors in developing a responsive website. Also help you optimized website for mobile browsing.

Most of the browsing nowadays, are done using a mobile device. So if your website is not mobile-friendly customers are less likely to visit or like your website. Your mobile-friendly website must contain the following:

  • A set of all new listings
  • Flawless content that will guide them throughout the process of home buying
  • Links concerned with moving oriented services such as attorneys, movers, and home examiners.

Pay per click promotions

Pay per click advertisement is remarkable for the real estate professionals. For those who are seeking to generate new prospects based on the campaigns. The leads pay for it every time when the ads get clicked on.

Often, PPC campaigns can target individuals who are seeking for correlated Keywords in Google or any other search engine.

Ensuring you have utilized your Time on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an analytical method to drive your sales and leads to your website. If done properly, your real estate website is sure to show up higher on the SERP during applicable searches.

You must keep in mind that Google is consistently changing their algorithms. So it may be critical to focus on SEO more than a single time.

At the same time, keywords are the basic need for SEO that can make a significant difference. To insert keywords in your SEO strategy, ensure that you have high ranking keyword. Like location and industry throughout your content and website.


So, if you are in the real estate sector but you are miles away from your digital marketing efforts. It's high time you start thinking about it. Find out which particular domain matches your company objective?

Why don't you try to learn digital marketing to boost your sales and leads?