What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant in Kolkata Do?

What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant in Kolkata Do?

There is and has been a battle in the digital marketing world for quite some time now!

The clash involves whether a business should hire its own digital marketing team or outsource the job to consultants. Most businesses prefer to hire an in-house team if they have the budget to do so. However, a digital marketing consultant in Kolkata can really change the game for you. How? Find out in this blog what such a consultant does and how you can benefit from their work.

5 Things A Digital Marketing Consultant in Kolkata Does

A digital marketing consultancy is a team of digital marketers, graphic designers, content marketers and writers, SEO analysts, website developers, social media managers and Quality Control experts. The team is usually headed by a senior digital marketer or project manager.

Further, the digital marketer is also known as a digital marketing consultant. Described below is his job role.

  • Assessment of Client’s Current Digital Marketing Needs

The task of the digital marketing consultant is to assess the client’s current digital marketing needs and suggest improvements. The consultant is tasked with understanding how the company’s marketing strategy has previously functioned, and how it can be altered for the future.

  • Develop Digital Marketing Strategies

The primary task of a digital marketer is to develop digital marketing strategies for clients. Clients wish to achieve business goals such as increased reach, lead generation, branding, etc. To achieve these goals, they usually hire the marketing out to a digital marketing consultancy or agency. The agency or the consultant’s role is to devise a strategy to achieve these goals.

  • Analyzing Campaigns

The next thing a consultant should do is to analyse the analytics of the campaigns that they run. Once a strategy has been devised, the consultant should observe and analyse the campaign to glean insights from it. Moreover, they monitor customer engagement, oversee the campaigns and identify the ways to improve search engine rankings.

  • Evaluating Client Budgets

Managing the client’s budget for ad spend and other activities is a vital aspect of the consultant’s job. The client budget has to be spent on ads, website maintenance and other agency fees. Hence, managing these requires a lot of financial knowledge as well. Moreover, the consultant also has to calculate the return on ad spend and compare it to industry averages to provide the company with insights on their spending.

  • Maintaining Client’s Social Media Presence

The next thing a digital marketing consultant does is to maintain a social media presence for the clients. This is a very crucial task as it helps to connect the brand with its audience. Moreover, managing the social media presence is a hands-on and dynamic task, as a lot of real-time strategy changes are needed.


Hence, on that note, it is now clear what a digital marketing consultant in Kolkata does. Hiring a consultant can make your life easier as the consultant has a different perspective on your business and can identify new avenues to engage customer engagement.

  1. The consultant is responsible for evaluating and managing the client’s budgets.
  2. They also perform SEO audits which can help to identify what a business lacks and how it can be corrected or boosted.
  3. They should have the ability to analyse large amounts of data.

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