What is Branding and Why Does Your Small Business Need It?

What is Branding and Why Does Your Small Business Need It?

There is a common problem we as a digital marketing company face when we interact with clients. It is this: Our clients want leads without branding. How is that possible, we ask you? When you say a brand, what comes to your mind first? A logo, a jingle, a colour palette, an icon, a celebrity? Branding is all these and much more.

In effect, this blog is meant to educate our audience about what is branding, and why a small business needs it above everything else. As BUSFAM is primarily a branding agency in India, we humbly believe we are well-qualified to wax eloquent on the topic.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

What is Branding?

Branding is the vibe and voice of a company/business/venture that creates a positive impression about that company/business/venture in the minds of the consumer and customer. To create this positive vibe and voice, one may need the help of the following features:

  • Logo
  • Jingle 
  • Mascot 
  • Catchphrase
  • Consistent Palette
  • Consistent Tonality
  • Consistent Imagery
  • Brand Ambassador

With these features unified and completely in step with the ethos of the business, including the mission statement and the core values, you will have gotten effective branding.

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Why is Branding Important?

But why is branding important? Why is it necessary to create this whole aura about your business in the first place? The answer is simple. It helps B2B and B2C customers remember you, get used to you and know how to approach you.

One of the simplest examples of this can be seen in BUSFAM’s mission statement to help small and medium-sized local businesses get online. That’s our target, our focus and our goal. Yours could be something else. But when your business name is said, listeners should know what it is you stand for. Branding is that simple, really, and it pays dividends in the long run.

The Benefits of Branding for Small Businesses

The benefits of branding are multi-faceted for small businesses. Here they are:

  • Strong Impression of the Company is Created

With branding, a strong impression of the company is created. For example, you could recognise Maggie’s jingle in your sleep! That’s the kind of strong emotional response branding is likely to evoke in your memory.

  • Easy to Differentiate from the Competitors

Branding sets a business apart from the competition. How does one recognise Adidas shoes from Puma? It’s thanks to the unique logos that uniquely identifies the brands.

  • Branding Creates Trust and Loyalty

Branding creates the kind of trust and dependence that is hard to replicate in any other way. Once people trust your business, they will always stay loyal to it.

  • The Introduction of New Products Becomes Easier

When a business decides to introduce a new product, it becomes much easier to market it if you already have a brand in place. A branding agency in India can help you with the same.

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  • Branding is an important and necessary part of lead generation. 
  • Once you have a branding strategy in place, you can easily find your customer niche and market to them directly.
  • Small businesses say they don’t have a preference for branding but they underestimate the power of creating that aura, as it is a great way to attract people to your business.

BUSFAM, is one such branding agency in India that believes in the creation of worthwhile brand imagery. So, for your branding requirements, you can contact BUSFAM today!