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Manage all your social handles the right way... Manage all your social handles the right way...


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As per statistics, around 53% of social media users state that they prefer to purchase a product if it has exposure to social media and is transparent on the same. Besides, a handful number of consumers also claim to learn about a product via social media.

This figure is not just a number!

It signifies how imperative it is for brands to market their products or services over social media. With the right marketing strategies and advertisement, you can manipulate one's purchase decision and churn your profits out.

To keep up to the expectations of your customers and to be a step ahead of your competitors, it is vital that you incorporate social media management strategies within your marketing plan.

With the presence of several social media platforms, it is apparent that managing each one of them at once can be both hectic and confusing. Hence, to overcome such hurdles join hands with some of the best organizations offering social media management services.

Let's look at some of the social media numbers (2019) to help you have a clear idea of how important social media management is.

The value of Facebook marketing

  • 83% of customers use this social media platform to purchase a product or to learn about the same
  • 89% of brand use Facebook management services for their marketing
  • 66% of customers state that they prefer following a brand on this online platform.

Owing to the increase in the numbers per day, the social media services agency prefer Facebook as one of their premium marketing platform that shows faster results.

Why Instagram?

  • Holds over 1 billion active users per month
  • 90% of them follow business or brands on this platform
  • 89% of firms use Instagram management services to reach masses

Apart from the above the social media management agencies also offer Twitter management services as a brand promotional strategy to gain recognition and a concrete client base.

Starting your business will require exposure and we are here to help you with that. With our start-up social media management services you can be a "customer favourite". We understand that you require clients and we also know what your audience will like. Depending on the demand of your client we develop our promotional strategies and get you a stronger client base.

Professionals can make use of our corporate social media management services to keep up to their "name-value" within the industry and gain higher exposure.