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10 Reasons Why you Need to Hire Professional Digital Marketing Company

Then –

Digital marketing was a nascent concept and an alternate way to market your products and services.

Now –

It is an integral part of every business with numerous digital marketing companies in Kolkata stealing the show!

Present day –

Online marketing is no longer than just a means to run a website or, to focus on your ad campaign. It is now a jack of all trades.

A  trump card, once you master then throw spells of your success!

Then there’s more…

Some compelling reasons why your business needs digital marketing to thrive in this cut-throat market are:

01: Levels the battleground for SMEs and MSMEs

With conglomerates like Walmart tearing down thousands of local speciality shops or, Starbucks rolling in and popping out your regular coffee joint is a common phenomena!

To even out the playing ground for small businesses, digital marketing has a huge role to play. It is like a beacon for start-ups to compete with big names by achieving a top ranking position from effective and speedy results.

02: Target specific and saves money, time

Digital marketing games fly away on the wings of social media platforms. With 22% of the global population hooked onto Facebook or Twitter on a daily basis, latest trends show that a person spends 2-3 hrs a day (on an average).

With so much potential to market your goods and services, top tier digital marketing companies in Kolkata like BUSFAM are maximising their return of investment through social media advertising.

03: Precise to the P

To reach the maximum number of users in a short span of time, targeting is of the essence. The ability of online marketing to dissect large chunks of demographics into “bite-sized” specifics!

When an online marketing firm does targeting from such grassroot levels, it is obvious that they can connect to their target audience better and faster.

This is all the more reasons, why you should hire a leading digital marketing company in Kolkata like BUSFAM, to scale your business to the zenith of success.

04: Personalize to Kingdom Come

From the importance of online marketing, comes the further talk of segmentation. Segmentation in a way, where you get to know the want of your customers on an individual level. We, the digital marketers call it “personalization”.

Studies reveal that 72% of customers prefer businesses to communicate with them via email. Provide them with a sense of control by timing of newsletter or unsubscribing when their feed is bombarded with too much mail!

Digital marketing companies in Kolkata have found out the hidden link to keep your customers  glued to your list. Email marketing plays a significant part in this. By segmenting, automating and personalizing email you can guarantee repeat lifetime customers.

05: Easy to adapt and scale up!

As with any forms of traditional marketing, digital marketing also requires an initial investment to get your traffic flowing. Importance of online marketing for small businesses becomes crystal clear, when you see the results of adapting and scaling as your business starts from nothing to becoming something of high value!

On the other hand if your marketing game doesn't turn out to be successful as you had expected there is no need to start from scratch! You hold the power to make the necessary changes and, re-launch your campaign once again thereby, increasing your revenue without much daily spend to do!

06: Advanced analytics

Some of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata focus heavily on consumer analytics. Using software like Google Analytics, these agencies can help your business to get better insight on your customers. This helps a SME to –

  • Secure better ROI 
  • Improve efforts 
  • Increase investment

And, then streamline your campaign for optimising results according to it. Voila!

07: Best return of investment

Of any other marketing practices, online marketing can garner the best ROI. It is like a conversion machine that generates leads into your favour.

Talking about organic traffic?

A digital marketing company in Kolkata such as BUSFAM can help you with that. As cost-effectiveness is the prime aim of a SME OR MSME, they are less likely to spend a dime on converting their users into potential buyers!

Digital marketing firms understand this challenge, and carves out innovative processes to churn out maximum value for every penny spent.

08: Aligns with the way people shop nowadays

Surveys state that 88% of the global population consider online reviews as a credible part of their buying decision. Out of that 23% of customers will visit your business only after going through a positive review!

For millennials or Gen Zs, spending 10 hours a day over the internet is a norm. Over 1 trillion searches are made each year (purely, by the millennial alone). The most visited platforms are Google, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Pinterest and, the almighty YouTube.

Once you hook your customers here and you are talking business!

09: Values your customers

Most businesses are tired of traditional marketing practices. Online marketing solutions offer them an alternative route to garner overwhelming response! People are in need of something unique – that wouldn’t “abuse” them by making them sit through endless commercials and conversations.

And, online marketing can make that happen by putting you into a position, where you can converse with your customers into understanding their demands. This helps you to make a more informed decision. Therefore, seek the help of a top digital marketing company in Kolkata to show respect to your customers and value them!

10: Integrates marketing with smartphone technology

Here’s a shocker for you!

As per the latest research, it has been found that mobile transactions are growing at a lightening face of over 35% growth every year.

And, this is not just buying and selling of products and services. Mobiles act as the go-to devices to look for reviews, check product information, order online and, communicate with customer care service.

All of these points out to one direction – incorporate mobile experience with the physical manifestation! By doing this, your business can reap the maximum benefits from this opportunity.

By the way –

A digital marketing company in Kolkata like us, can help you achieve that too!