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With the increase in the number of internet users, it is clear as ice that there is a high engagement on online platforms. Owing to the rate of engagement, it is essential that you keep track of your online activities. Any incorrect updates can take a toll on your reputation.

Not sure?

Here are some numbers to support the above statement -
  • Out of every 2 of 3 individuals depends on the internet to gather information or learn about a brand or an entity
  • 80% or more of reputation damage originates from online data manipulation and a difference between the real and reel
  • 97% of individuals consider the reviews found online on a product or brand before getting associated with it
  • 4. 70% of candidate rejection arises owing to some negativity found online

The above numbers clearly suggest that your online reputation can have a great impact on both your personal and professional life.

"Your online reputation can make or break you!"

Therefore, it is better that you avoid any risk to your profile and hence consider opting for an online reputation management services to back you up.

BUSFAM - a 360° internet marketing agency offers you effective online reputation management services so that you remain a favourite online topic.

How does our online reputation management agency work?

At BUSFAM, we -

  • Analyze your online presence
  • Understand your target audience (age, residence, profession, etc.)
  • Chart out a strategy
  • Get your presence on several types of social media platforms or advertisement media, depending on your target audience
  • Enhance your existing reputation
  • Keep track of the performance of your online presence
  • Provide you a performance report

Our online reputation management services agency works in collaboration with the best reputation managers in town, thus making sure that your name is never in jeopardy.

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