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4 Steps to Find the Top Social Media Marketing Company

Almost 92% of marketers claims that social media is important for success in business. 28% of business use social media marketing for improving their social media efforts.

You know that social media marketing is very important. The first step to figuring out your business's marketing needs is to set a few queries.

Do you need website design? SMO? SEO? Email marketing? Or Analytics?

Now if you already have a team of in house experts ask yourself which marketing skills your team has. What are the marketing strategies that you should put to work, but haven’t thought about yet?

These are questions you need to ask before you hire a social media marketing companies in Kolkata, to get effective results.

However, before you make any significant investment. You need to work on your due diligence. Because once you make the decision, you will be spending your hard-earned pennies to promote your business. So, you cannot afford to make any blunder.

Before, you proceed let's see why you should be marketing your business online? Five reasons make social media marketing a must in today's world:

  • Almost everybody now is online actively using social media
  • You can reach your target customers through social media
  • You can adjust and amend easily
  • You can build online and offline communities with the help of social media marketing
  • You can track your ROI

In this blog, we will go around evaluating marketing agencies. The questions you need to ask, and how to decide between hiring a top social media agency.

What does social media marketing companies do?

Social media marketing companies help you to get more sales. They do it by leveraging on various strategies to attract your ideal prospects. The services that these companies offer are likely to vary a lot. But in general, you can expect these following services.

  • Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a smart way to gain the devotion of the significant customer’s right at the instant when they find that they have a problem. Most of the people are now dependent on Google to find out their pain points. So, running an AdWords campaign that targets these leads can be profitable for your business.

  • Facebook Advertising

Facebook in combination with the gigantic user base makes it a remarkable platform. Mainly, for performing business virtually and get a healthy ROI. You can target customers by gender, level of learning, income, place, interests, status updates, and real-life events.

  • Search engine optimization

Getting your business website rank high in the search engine page. It isn’t always about building brand awareness or getting more traffic views. Theirs is more than just this. By getting your business content rank high in the search, you’ll able to attract your significant customers at the perfect stage of your business journey. Right when they realize their problem and need your solution, you can help them instantly.

  • Video marketing

YouTube reaches faster among 18-49 years olds than the prime time TV shows in all the countries. A large number of the audience along with increased engagement that comes in video marketing ads is a great place to get a high ROI. Video advertisements targets by location, online attitude, interest, YouTube channel and many more.

A social media marketing company in Kolkata offers both expertise and manpower. If they have a highly trained team of experts. They can provide knowledge that you're in house employees may lack. While extra hands will allow you to succeed with a bigger picture initiative.

Agency partnerships may offer several benefits for your business. But the relationship can be complex and demanding. You must choose a team that is suitable for your company. Importantly, their culture, desired skills, and investment.

The following points will help you to ascertain the perfect social media marketing company for your business:

Find out how they run their business

One of the best signs about an SMM agency that will show what they can do for your business. It is the results they have produced for themselves.

For example, if you are planning to hire an agency for managing your business blog. You need to know how they run their blogs.

Now, if you want to hire them for social media campaigns, you need to check out. How they manage their own social media promotional activities.

You can verify all the details on your own, as also clarify it from the agency itself.

Take part in research and analysis

First and the primary thing to do is, conducting your research on the company you are planning to hire. Before, you take any step check whether they have a Facebook business page. How about a twitter and Instagram page? Check whether their social media page is regularly updated or not.

A company worth their competency will be an active participant on all platforms. They will be utilizing the similar techniques. Those that they use for their customers on their internal channels.

Ask the results the agency promise to do

When you are working within an industry that has a low barrier to entry. You certainly have to deal with people who claim to everything but may not have any idea.

Social media or digital marketing is one of those industries. Several agencies will promise a world to you just to get the deal but may lack the staff and skill to deliver the staff.

So, you can filter out these scummy or poor quality agencies by asking them for their secret recipe. Find out what makes them different from others? What’s their strategy to get your results?

Therefore, it's best to find out a partner agency whose company's culture aligns with your business.

Reading third party reviews

Crowd sourcing is a fast and easy way to explore the purchasing decision with confidence. Third-party reviews can let you access several client references that provides relevance. You can read reviews, check ratings, and their prices from those.

As an all-in house resource, these sites will help you identify the top-ranking agencies. Also save your time for the evaluation process. At the same time, you can also look things from Facebook or Yelp. If you find something alarming while you are conducting research, be sure to mention it to the agency.


By now you have understood that your preferred social media company should be selected on the grounds of capability and performance. Because the best agencies are experienced and have the best possible resources to back it up.

So before, making any firm consideration access the details from peer referrals, independent research, and in-depth questioning.