5 Ways to Promote Your Digital Marketing Company

5 Ways to Promote Your Digital Marketing Company

So you’ve started a digital marketing company and you’re finding it hard to get clients?What can you do to promote your company in such a way that gains you views, business partners, and an all-important reputation?

This digital marketing consultant in Kolkata helps you to understand how you can promote your digital marketing company in 5 easy-peasy lemon-squeezy ways.Use these tactics and watch how your business transitions from a rarely heard name to a reputable digital marketing agency.

5 Ways to Promote Your Digital Marketing Company

  • Rank for Your Keyword in Your City

Ideally, when any user types the keyword that is associated with your business, your website should rank for it.For instance, if a person searches for a “digital marketing consultant in Kolkata”, BUSFAM should rank for it.This brings a level of credibility to your business.If you can perform your own SEO successfully, only then can you be trusted with someone else’s, isn’t it?

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  • Start a Podcast

A podcast is a great way to connect with your audience.People will spend more time engaging with your brand than they would be reading about it or searching for it online.So, setting up a proper podcast, which takes a lot of dedication and time, can really help to promote your digital marketing agency.You can discuss how your company can help other companies achieve the level of visibility they desire.

  • Build Relationships with Local Businesses

If you want to earn the trust of a reliable local business, start networking.You need to get in touch with local businesses, develop relationships, widen your network and talk to people.The wider your network is and the deeper your relationships with local businesses, the more likely they will recommend you to others and welcome you into their fold.

  • Offer Free Website Audits

Whenever possible, offer free website audits for your potential customers.At every social event that you participate in, hand out coupons for your free website audits.This is a great way to show off your skills and help local businesses understand that you are a good competitor in the field.

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  • Develop Case Studies from The Successful Clients

Whenever you get a client and the project works smoothly, it is time to develop a case study around it.Publish your case study on the website in detail and promote it on social media.Let people know that you have successfully closed a deal.Also, encourage them to reach out to you.


After starting a digital marketing company, you will find that it is not easy for the company to flourish.This is the case with many businesses.They start out just fine, and get a couple of clients but are unable to blossom.That is why this digital marketing consultant in Kolkata advises you to have a complete promotion campaign in mind before you start out with your company.