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8 Questions To Ask While Hiring An SEO Expert


If your website isn’t showing up on the first page of Google search results or other popular search engines, it’s bad news! Holding a better search engine visibility is crucial for boosting more visits to your website, thereby, increasing brand awareness, generating more sales and higher profits. This is the reason why you should rely only on SEO experts in Kolkata who possess the technical expertise to improve your site’s SER (search engine ranking). 

If you are still finding hard to cope up with this fact then, the following reasons will convince you to hire an experienced and reliable SEO expert –

Have a look of the list of their past and current clients 

A reputed and transparent SEO expert shouldn’t hesitate in sharing their brief list of former and current clients. These references are critical for determining how effective the consultant is and whether you should rely on your business. 

Although some of the consultancies may not offer specific analytics of their previous work but, that’s okay! A bit of confidentiality is pardonable.

How will they increase the search engine rankings? 

A question you shouldn’t skip. 

Steer clear of those firms who are not willing to freely discuss their methods in detail. Those are red flags! 

Instead, find the best SEO agency who will explain all the strategies which hold the potential to boost your website search engine ranking and also provide you with a realistic estimate on where your SEO campaign goals lie. 

Check if they adhere to search engine webmaster guidelines 

Needless to say, an expert should strictly abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines that provide some of the common SEO tricks. Those include generating spammy content, adding useless hidden links, texts, etc. 

If the agency that you are considering to higher does not follow those guidelines, it is best to bid them adiós. This is in fact a smart ring on your part as Google can ban your website from search results all together if it violates the guidelines furnished by Google. Keep in mind; other popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing also post their own version of Webmaster best practices that an SEO expert in Kolkata should confirm it follows. 

Is the agency experienced in improving localized search results? 


Keep in mind that your website should also be optimised for the local SEO process. It is crucial that it appears when someone nearby is looking for information with the relevant keywords to your business. At the end of the day, location matters and the contents of your website should fulfil those specific requirements. 

Those include:

  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • Keywords Incorporation

Speaking to a specific geographical area is important to get a higher rank in the local listings of search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing! 

This proves essential in the cases of small brick and mortar businesses where Local search engine results are critical in attracting nearby customers. 

Check if the agency is willing to share every minute details regarding the changes made

This is a crucial step!

Search Engine Optimisation most likely requires a number of changes to the existing web page coding. That being said it is essential that you make it clear beforehand that any adjustments made by the agency to the existing web pages will be notified to you instantly. 

It would be even better if the SEO Services in Kolkata were willing to get your approval before accessing and altering the website code! 

How do they gauge the success of the SEO campaigns? 

To measure the success of the SEO efforts a regular tracking of the amount of traffic being directed towards your website is important. By using Google Analytics SEO experts track the improvement of your site’s search engine rankings, the number of potential backlinks, keyword usage volume and much more. 

Check the communication aspect 

Keep a close eye on the communication pattern and the customer service standard of the firm you’re likely to hire. This is to ensure that when you need someone to approach even in the wee hours of the night you would get a positive response! 

SEO practices being a part of the digital marketing game, should be available 24/7. Ask if the consultancy prefers to converse over phone, text, mail, Skype or whatever channels they desire to opt for. 

Ask about the fees and payment modes

Last but certainly not least, you must know the fees structure you are signing up for. There must be complete transparency in this matter with every minute details of the payment breakdown. Also, make sure the kind of payment methods they would prefer so that there are no last-minute miscommunications. 

It is your job and sure there is no hidden cost involved and whether there is any interest charged for late payments! Along with it no the frequency of the invoice payments and any other payment related queries must be sorted beforehand. 

Final words 

Thus, concluding it is never too late to avail the services of an SEO expert in Kolkata for boosting your website by optimising it for the web. Along with it, keep all the contract paperwork in hand and know the classes if you want to terminate it early. 

It is time that your business implement strong and quality Search Engine Optimisation on your brand’s website. This is the new age of marketing technique and in the near future. By following the guidelines and tips mentioned above you can hire an agency which will help you to stay ahead of the competition all the while increasing the ROI (return of investment). Hope by now, the smoke is cleared as to why and how to choose professional SEO services.