A Branding Agency in India on Platform-Based Marketing

A Branding Agency in India on Platform-Based Marketing

At present, platform-based marketing is all the rage. Every social media platform or blogging platform has its own tactics and rules which marketers need to be aware of to understand how to strike a chord with that particular audience. Hence, this branding agency in India takes a look at the different social platforms, and the marketing tactics based on each.

5 Social Media Platforms for Platform-Based Marketing

  • YouTube

Everyone flocks to YouTube to get their daily dose of information, news, entertainment and culture. YouTube is the second largest search engine whose sheer reach is of most importance. Moreover, everyone knows YouTube. It has a strong presence of community and interaction in the comment section which makes the content livelier.

However, the downside, according to this branding agency in India is that it is dominated by passive consumption. A lot of the people on YouTube consume the content but do not participate or engage or interact with the content. Hence, brands can choose to put out their informational videos on YouTube.  

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  • Instagram

Marketing on Instagram is very image-based, aesthetically pleasing and highly based on self-expression. Instagram has a culture of self-expression, where people exhibit their uniqueness as a person. So is Instagram a good place for every brand? Not really.

However, if your business is inextricably connected with the arts and looks aesthetically appealing, opt for an Instagram account and wow the Insta community with your attractive posts. You can expect a good reach on the platform, but don’t expect B2B businesses to succeed on this platform for self-expression, aesthetics and beauty.

  • Facebook

Facebook connects people all over the world. One can put up posts and react in different ways to the posts. Moreover, there is also the option for personal chat wherein ideas can be exchanged. However, what’s in it for brands? Facebook makes its revenue based on commercials, hence it is a place where you will find your eyeballs. However, everyone knows how easy it is to ignore commercials. So while you can advertise heavily and cheaply on Facebook, content does not really win on this platform a lot. Use it chiefly for advertising.

  • LinkedIn

According to this branding agency in India LinkedIn is a very good place for B2B communication. Hence, B2B brands should try a LinkedIn content strategy. LinkedIn is a very serious platform for influence, affluence and knowledge sharing on a variety of topics. The kind of content that thrives on LinkedIn would not necessarily succeed on TikTok or Instagram. So, brands really can capitalise on LinkedIn and its B2B reach. However, the persons on LinkedIn are highly invested in the platform which makes it a great space not for personal expression but for personal expertise. Use this platform for exchanging ideas and creating a community.

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  • Twitter

Twitter is a great place to build communities and exchange ideas. The people on Twitter enjoy commenting so it is a great place to release information about your business and brand. People on Twitter love a good conversation and brands should consider doing things that elicit a response from the Twitteratti. Twitter is a great place to spark debates and respond to the queries and complaints of people online. Use it primarily as a CRM or a place to comment on world affairs thereby positively branding yourself.  


In conclusion, this branding agency in India believes that you should focus on every platform for different reasons. Hence, your social media strategy should be altered based on the type of platform you are marketing on.