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A Post-Pandemic Boom Is Coming- Which Segment Are You From?

It is still time that the world sees the end of Covid-19. But, we are gradually getting closer to victory and ending the nuisance once and for all (fingers crossed). Although the 3rd wave is quite unwelcomed it is expected to hit the country by August or September as suits their Nature. 

But will that affect businesses?

Offline – Yes 

Online – Not certainly 

 Given that offline businesses are receiving a major hit, they are now seen modifying their strategies to mark an online presence. With       such a vigorous shift, industries are expecting a post-pandemic boom. 

Businesses of varied niches are investing in the leading digital marketing agencies in Kolkata to propel their online strategies and drive reach and ROI. With that said, there are some specific industries that should invest in online branding to attract customers and make it big amidst the frantic pandemic scenario. 

Given below are some of the industries under the spotlight, suffering the most during the pandemic and are online exposure deficient. 

Industries that need online success 

Travel and tourism 

It’s no brainer that travel and tourism have had the worst hit due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Not just regular inns and resorts, railway, airline and tourist entry to places were closed too. Along with the travel and tourism agencies, the resorts and inns suffered a hit too. With people cancelling vacations and initiating refunds, the travel and tourism industry has been suffering a great loss since 2020. Unfortunate, India was banned from several countries due to a hysteric rise in the number of cases and death toll. 

However, much to their relief, the Government has finally realised the distress faced by the industry and hence offers concessions and grants in the form of working capital and personal loans to account for the losses they have been struggling through. Furthermore, the Government announced financial aid to tourist guides and stakeholders to survive the distress. A total grant of Rs. 100 Crore will be provided and no charge visas to the first 5 Lakh tourists to promote travelling. 

This amount can be used to recover from the losses and promote businesses online. With a promise of ROI-driven strategies, digital marketing seems to be the best among all other practices. It not only gets your brand online but also boosts its exposure to extend maximum reach and engagement. 

The more engagement, the better are the sales! 


Quite linked to the travel and tourism industry, hospitality has been facing the adversities of the pandemic. With restaurants, resorts and hotels closed, many were left without a job and any sources of income. 

Much to its relief, tourism is slowly gaining its pace, although there is still a fear of the 3rd wave. Also, the concessions to the travel and tourism industry bring a ray of hope for hospitality too. 

With the help of digital marketing, the hospitality industry can experience a post-pandemic boom. Content marketing, email marketing, social media promotions and online reputation management can be quite effective to boost the success of this industry. 

You can get in touch with any of the leading digital marketing agencies to propel your brand’s success strategically and let your brand battle the current scenario. 


Considering online is our future, the education sector has suffered because of the pandemic. The lockdown scenario shut the doors of institutions and education was bound to shift online. With pros, came its set of consequences as well. Network interruption, limited class time, low attendance, reduced concentration, restricted admissions and other such drawbacks affected the overall business. 

But with time, the domain is slowly coping with the ‘new normal’. To boost the brand further, website development and digital marketing can secure great opportunities. SIS or Student Information System, CRM, Learning Management System are some other effective tips to propel the success of this sector.  

Spas and Salons 

Spas and salons have also suffered from a decreased customer number and frequent lockdowns. Online reputation management, websites with online appointment facilities, and social media marketing can be great ways to boost business.  


With gyms and yoga centres being closed, the fitness sector has suffered a massive hit. Memberships reduce because of the frequent lockdowns and the fear of getting infected. Although with the unlockdown phase gyms have opened, the fear of being infected prevents members from hitting the gym. Besides, the online availability of videos and courses have further restricted the number of walk-ins. 

To boost business amidst this scenario, social media engagement through contests, quiz, polls, motivational quotes, and a sneak-peek into the sessions, safety management and the infrastructure can help in boosting engagement. 

Summing it all up… 

Despite the current scenario, industries are struggling their best to survive the crises. Being one of the leading digital marketing firms, we suggest online branding and local marketing increase your success opportunity. You can get in touch with one of the leading local marketing agencies like BUSFAM to boost your business and make a difference for your brand.