Digital Marketing Agency in India on Developing a Content Culture

Digital Marketing Agency in India on Developing a Content Culture

It is often difficult to come up with a content agenda month after month. Ideally, content teams would like to deliver art, SEO teams would like content to rank and sales teams would like content to do the lead generation for them. Hence, it isn’t at all easy to create a piece of content that pleases all.

To solve this issue, one needs to develop a content culture in an organisation. A content culture means creating a workflow such that month after month effective, hit-the-nail-on-the-head content leaves the organisation’s premises achieving the target for which it was created.

Hence, the development of a content culture is hardly easy for a digital marketing agency in India.

This blog will give you 5 tips for content that can help to kill several birds with one stone. Take a look!  

  • Having Clear Objectives

The content you create for your organisation has to achieve one specific goal. That goal could be to amplify a message, promote a brand initiative, drive sales, or promote an event. The content should try to meet user objectives as well as your objectives as a business. Hence, you need to create content that has a proper objective and goal.

  • Define Roles for the Content Team

Every person in the content team should have a particular role to play. For instance, editors, SEO writers, bloggers, chief editing officers, and content strategists. The roles of the individual persons should not overlap in the least. As every person has a uniquely defined role in the content team of a digital marketing agency in India and they will be able to fulfil that role properly.

  • Focus On Quality Rather Than Quantity

Focus on high-quality content rather than releasing plenty of content at the same time. Good quality content should be your priority. It means you should take time to write original well researched and articulate content. Never use scrapped content as search engines will recognise it and devalue it.

  • Get Approval For Your Content

There should be a channel or person like a quality analyst who should approve and analyse the content to see if it is fit to be distributed. Often times the writers just churn out scrapped content without any view towards the usability or worth of the content. The final aim of a content team is to create content that is ready to be sent out without the need for approval. But until the team gets to that stage, they’ll need a QC.


Hence, this digital marketing agency in India advises that you should develop a content culture in your organisation and make sure the entire content team is behind it. Original, high-quality and relevant content should be the order of the day.