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Grow Email Marketing Revenue

Email marketing is an excellent way for reaching your present and prospects sans spending a fortune. By investing a little in a quality newsletter and maintaining a subscriber list, you can really afford to offer all the exposure that your services and/or products deserve along with precision-targeting your intended audience. It is highly recommended to engage an experienced digital marketing agency in Kolkata or any other city in the country for custom-designing a robust email campaign to boost your sales and earnings.

Ecommerce websites that invest in an email marketing scheme usually get forty-five to fifty-five of their revenue from email campaigns and this is precisely what you should aim for as an e-commerce manager. Other revenue sources that can further supplement the same include social media marketing and pay-per-click advertisements.

If you happen to be starting from scratch, always make a point not to complicate your stuff a little too much in the very beginning, as the things are to become more sophisticated in due course. Expect your email marketing to be more demanding over the time for the only reason that you are to yield more revenue eventually, and as it continues to develop over time, you are to require more advanced techniques for sure to keep the subscribers engaged and buying.

Here is a curated list of some of the very best practices in the industry that you can choose to implement with the help of an established digital marketing company in India for increasing the net volume of revenue yielded by your default email marketing programme.


There are numerous means that can be readily leveraged by you to acquire new subscribers through your website and one of them is to simply ask the buyers to confirm their subscription for your email marketing opt-ins at the time of checkout. You may also deploy interstitial popups and these have really become so sophisticated over time that you can display your subscription ten seconds after they are to visit your website or when they are to leave.

You may or may not hate the popup offers but they do work! You should always strive to make your offer greatly relevant. For instance, if one is to find your website from Facebook advertisements, AdWords display campaigns, or Google search, you can personalise the message in accordance with the intent of your web visitor and it is to exponentially increase the conversion rates. Remember to get in touch with a certified digital marketing courses and services provider in Kolkata or wherever you may need to know more in this regard.


Never assume that those who are to follow your company on Twitter or like the Facebook page of your brand do not really wish to subscribe to the email marketing programme that you may be already running. You are required to realise that the social media platforms are nothing more than a rented land and you must keep in mind to comply with the rules that you are not allowed to control (!). To summarise, email is undoubtedly the least expensive and the very best way for sustaining a business association with your subscribers and customers.

You can design cross-channel advertisements that are to encourage the fan base on Twitter and Facebook to subscribe to your email marketing campaigns. You are advised to display offers that are available to your email subscribers only. You may also consider reversing the particular approach for encouraging the email subscribers so that they can follow your brand and/or organisation on the omnipresent social media. You can call any of the very best digital marketing training and services providers in Kolkata or wherever you may want in India to learn more about this.


Admittedly, email is the greatest revenue generator for most of the e-commerce brands and you must make sure to learn about all the buying trends that your consumers may have. After running a critical analysis of their purchasing patterns, you will be able to decide who should be your preferred customer for receiving product recommendations.

Start by identifying the most frequently bought articles and list all those people who have procured only one item. Then examine the customers who have bought those merchandise along with an additional one and make an attempt to establish a logical correlation. For instance, list all the individuals who have purchased a short but no tees, or maybe socks and not shoes. Filter out these single purchase buyers and send them emails about additional product suggestions with the help of social proof. You must share a vital data point like three out five people who bought X purchase Y as well. You can employ a WhatsApp marketing agency or any other digital campaigning consultancy in Kolkata or wherever you may wish in the country for procuring any additional information in this respect.


Daily deals can really prove to be tricky and are not meant for every e-commerce outlets. A deal might have gone viral the moment it is to be listed by a deal aggregator portal and could have possibly sent you a deluge of web traffic that is likely to have had messed up with your website architecture. On the contrary, if your web portal is truly capable of managing that volume of client-side request, it can be an excellent way of monetising large quantities of unsold merchandise and freeing your capital so that you can shop for the fresh stocks.

People simply love daily deals and we cannot agree more. They are to aspire to be one of the very first individuals to learn about them and check the latest offers on a daily basis or the like. The unassuming electronic mail functions as a friendly reminder for these shoppers. You should ensure that they are to receive your emails at the same time every day and also encourage your subscribers so that they are to invite their friends. You can consider bringing on board an online advertising partner who has a digital marketing office in Kolkata or elsewhere in the country for discussing how to accomplish the same.


You can employ each of the aforementioned methods for e-commerce email marketing by consulting any of the top ten digital marketing agencies in Kolkata or any other Indian city to increase your revenue and expand the market outreach. These are simple enough to follow and will aid you in accomplishing your revenue contribution objectives for email campaigns. To suffice, it is really imperative for you to zero in on the most suitable email marketing solutions provider with a nifty toolset that is to integrate well with an existing e-commerce platform that you already have.