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Hiring Marketplace Management Agency in Kolkata – BUSFAM

Managing an eCommerce company is pretty intimidating as the competition is extremely fierce. This calls for aggressive and strategic marketing that would help in staying afloat. Unfortunately, most of the eCommerce marketplace strategies take a long time to be perfect and show results. When coupled with branding, managing effective eCommerce marketing strategies for maximum output becomes difficult. 

But does it not have a way out? Well, it does! There is always a way to kick-start your marketing plans, even in an eCommerce business. Hiring the leading agencies for eCommerce marketing in Kolkata can help you take care of other aspects of your business and promote your brand accordingly. 

Many of you may feel, hiring an agency can get too expensive, especially when sales are at stake due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is not true. The leading agencies offer their services at a much cost-effective rate and are much cheaper when compared to the ROI their strategies can generate for you.

Given that you are still reading, we assume that you belong to the eCommerce industry and dream to make it big regardless of the frantic competition. Well, if so you have come to the right place as we are going to explain why you should choose an eCommerce marketing agency for promoting your business.

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PPC management

Without proper experience, skills and knowledge, setting up and managing paid campaigns can be scary. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when trying to make it big through paid campaigns, which goes beyond writing a copy and handing over your credit card to Google. When in action, PPC campaigns require thought, strategy, scrutiny, analysis and much more.

Trying to promote without proper knowledge can lead to frustration, agony and heartbreaks. But, when you leave it on the professionals, it can save you a lot of effort, time and agitation. This is because they have already been experienced in managing thousands of paid campaigns similar to yours and they have the proper knowledge and tools to set up and manage your brand the best way possible.

Having said that, it is important for you to understand that there is a difference between an eCommerce marketing agency and just an old marketing agency. Despite being a marketing venture, if the team is not experienced in working with eCommerce companies take that as your first red flag.

Understanding creative designs

People are always looking for something new, and failing to provide them will divert them towards your competitors. Hiring a professional eCommerce marketing agency will help you work with a team of active designers to custom create designs that match your brand’s essence, standard and themes. Creatives that are of top-notch quality help your company stand out and look the best to your customers, especially if they are completely unaware of your brand. In addition, an experienced designer will be able to guide you on types of creatives that the industry accepts and those which don't work, saving you from clumsy redesigns. Normally there are three major types and formats of designs vastly accepted for marketing, named the display ads, the retargeting ads and the Facebook ads. Creatives for Facebook ads may include video, carousel, single image, Canvas and slideshow.

SEO knowledge

A solid SEO strategy in place helps you improve the authority of your site and also increase your ranking on the search result page. The higher your ranks are on the search result page the more organic traffic you will drive. eCommerce professionals will be able to improve your SEO standards by focusing on both the on-page and off-page SEO with the help of extensive keyword research, site structure, backlinking and more. Other SEO elements include site errors, keyword optimisation, link building, site speed, keyword research and site structure.

Content marketing

The leading marketplace management agency in Kolkata claims content to be the king of marketing. Content forms one of the most crucial elements of eCommerce marketing. Unfortunately, brands do not realise this fact, for which they do not even put half the effort into content marketing that they should. An effective content marketing strategy involves blog writing, premium content like buyer guides and informational eBooks, videos and much more. You can ask your eCommerce marketing agency to outline a monthly content calendar and drop the delivery dates of the content along with the date of publication and promotion. This makes the process much more streamlined and prevents confusion, errors and hassles. While starting with your content marketing strategies, make sure you analyse your goals, understand your customers, the buyers’ journey, and the ways you would publish and promote your content.


Your take on eCommerce marketing is important to outline the strategies and to predict the future performance of the plans. On hiring an eCommerce marketing agency you can be sure that the process will be managed by expert hands, giving you maximum positive outcomes.

To note, in case you are searching for an expert eCommerce marketing agency in Kolkata, look no further as BUSFAM is here to help.