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India’s Economy Comes Back to Life – How can your business utilise this opportunity?

The minute enemy to mankind has been shredding countries across the globe. India too could not manage to escape its grasp. Apart from global public health, the pandemic has been a serious threat to the economy of the country. India shields itself from the deadly virus behind a four-month strict lockdown, one of the longest across the globe, commencing from 25th March 2020, which pulled down the economic graph as well.

The economy of India took a sharp dip during these months of lockdown. Shops, offices, schools and colleges remain closed with no business transactions, no imports and no exports.

The first quarter of this fiscal year has been the worst affected. Sectors like education, real estate, travel and tourism, non-agricultural domain and hospitality suffered a major hit. According to Crisil, these domains may continue to receive a major hit in the upcoming quarters.

India also experiences an increase in the rate of unemployment, with thousands losing their jobs and income as companies attempt to “shed-off” the “extra burden” to survive the crises.

The loss of jobs has been calculated to be 66% while the income loss counts for 64% between 13th April and 20th May, as per the survey report by Azim Premji University.

Moving ahead in time…

India manages to free its wings from the shackles of the pandemic. This royal eagle is starting its flight taking along the economy. The economy of India has started to show signs of recovery post the lockdown, with the exports being on the rise. The unemployment numbers also fall and the graph moves down from June and July, denoting the start of businesses and work in India.

This rise creates a window of opportunities for the business to resume its transactions. Having said that, the lockdown has unfolded a new approach for continuing businesses despite the unavailability of physical customers.

The phrase “The world is going digital” gets its true meaning and numbers have it, several businesses have generated handsome revenues amidst the lockdown period as well just by continuing their business online and taking its first step into the advancing and lucrative digital era.

Working with local marketing agencies will give you just the desired feat.

More customers, better engagement and increased revenue – are all that you get once you choose to get your business visible on the World Wide Web. 

Do you still believe in offline business? Here is why you should change your mind now –

  1. India is going digital and so should you
  2. You can continue your business while maintaining social distancing
  3. It is easy and fast
  4. The rate of conversion is much higher
  5. You reach your target audience on a large scale
  6. You can increase your clientele in no time
  7. Your clients can reach you from anywhere
  8. You get a global marketing platform

The above pointers are just enough of the reasons to start getting your business online.

Now, getting your business online and stepping into the digital era may require help, and a 360-degree digital marketing agency is much desired. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of SEO experts in Kolkata, SMO, SMM, PPC, and more.

After you have decided to take your business on the World Wide Web, you may be thinking about how you can reach your clients on this online platform.

The best way to attain your desired revenue is to get VOCAL FOR LOCAL. Choose the local marketing agencies in Kolkata to reach your target audience effectively and get the optimum results.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring local marketing agencies –

  1. They know your market well
  2. They understand your domain and your target audience
  3. They know the demand for your product or service in the market
  4. They are cost-effective
  5. They house some of the fresh and creative minds
  6. They offer the attention your brand needs
  7. They are good with deadlines and emergency works
  8. They help you grow

And they grow along with you.

With the local marketing agencies, you can witness your business grow while adding credibility and value to your brand.

The next things that may have hit your mind are how stepping into the digital era is beneficial for your business considering the current COVID-19 scenario.

Here is how businesses are benefiting by getting their business online during the current scenario –

  1. Internet usage time has increases and customers are all mostly online, so reaching them becomes easier
  2. More internet user means more customer
  3. More online time means more engagement
  4. You can track your performance easily
  5. You can track your competitors
  6. Finding ways to improve is much easier

That being said, now when the lockdown is being lifted should you get back to your offline form?


In case you wish for offline transit, you can do so, however, never step out of the digital era as this is the ultimate future of your business. Hire the local marketing agencies in Kolkata to continue with your online marketing.

Nevertheless, once you taste the sweetness of the digital era, getting back to the offline mode may hit bitter.