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Know How Brands Are Getting Creative In Quarantine - Digital Thoughts

The “pandemic virus” is now committed to destroy mankind. Along with humans, the businesses, too, are running into a loss, with global recession knocking at the door.

But despite all this quarantine and lockdown jazz, major businesses are running from their homes. However, many of the businessmen swearing by the “traditional” way of marketing are suffering a major financial hit of this monster virus.

This has called for the rise in demand of the digital marketing companies. While such ventures are working from their “virtual office”, business promotions are on the rise.

Hence, with the digital marketing agency by your side you can sow the seeds of profit now and enjoy 'em later.

Brands are now all playing their card of creativity with the content or video marketing agency and attracting millions.

Why go digital?

You are prohibited from leaving your house and even if you are a rebel,  in this situation you have already given into the shackles of COVID-19. How do you spend the major hours of your day?

Facebook, Instagram, Snapshot, TikTok, the list of social media platforms goes on. And sitting back home the whole day, you mostly roam around them all. It has been observed that the hours spent on social media has increased. This window of limitless hours of usage during the lockdown can be utilised to reach millions and increase your clientele. Shake hands with a content marketing agency and witness the magic.

They are creative, unique and can take your business to heights. Here are some of the ways brands are getting creative during this lockdown phase with the help of digital marketing firms.

  1. Videos – Videos never lose the game. It has always taken a leap than any other form of marketing. Videos are fun, relatable and attractive. The conversation rate is expected to be much higher than audio marketing.

Need to add that extra oomph to your business? Get in touch with a video marketing agency today.

  1. Infographic – Infographics are proven to promote company growth by an average of 12%. Infographics convey information in a much attractive way. It is a mix of both image and words that provides necessary information with relatable images. Information tends to attract customers more than just a picture as it addresses their doubts and concerns all in one.
  2. Content – Blogs, articles, newsletters, etc. are some of the tools of content marketing. Content helps you play with words and experiment with style of writing. Content is known to be highly relatable, fun, and engaging.

If done right, your content can attract masses and convert them into potential customers. Hence goes the saying, “words are powerful, they can create or they can destroy, so choose your words wisely.”

Thus, in case you wish to use words as your bait consider working with a content marketing agency and get the job done right.

In addition to the above, brands also practice affiliate marketing to shoot up their businesses. This helps you earn the followers of the affiliate you work with and increase the rate of conversion.