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Proven Tips To Create A Successful Instagram Advertisement

What is the first thing that you do after waking up? 

Although most people work out, millennials are busy scrolling their Instagram feed. 

And the impact of Instagram on our daily lives can be understood right from our bed

Launched as a photo and video sharing social platform, Instagram has evolved to be one of the most lucrative and potential marketing networks today. Studies have it, around 29% of a business's investment is dedicated towards Instagram ad budget. 

However, not every ad click and therefore making your ad stand out is a real deal. In case you do not find the desired engagement with your ads it’s time to get in touch with the leading internet marketing agencies and bring in a healthy change to your Instagram advertisement strategy. 

Gone are those days for the clichéd “buy this now” or “buy this today” CTA for interacting with your audience. Brand’s now need to change their approach to attract maximum target audience within the selected horizon. 

To help you engage with your target audience we have listed below are some of the effective tips that will help you make the most of your Instagram advertisement. 

Quick tips for effective Instagram advertisement

#1 Set your target

As per the digital marketing industry experts, knowing your target audience is the first step to a successful paid ad campaign, regardless of social media platform. Here’s how you can target your audience – 

  • Remarketing

Remarketing helps in narrowing your target range to focus on people who have visited your website or shown interest in your brand. These are mainly people who have taken action on your site or have abandoned carts with items left for purchase. Targeting these audiences will help you reach out to people having high potential to be converted into sales. With the proper mechanism, you can not only target the audience but also increase your click-through rates and conversion rate to reduce the cost-per-click amount. 

  • Lookalike audience

Lookalike audience helps you create a custom audience range that replicates your existing followers. Fish helps you target new customers having similar interest, requirements, demographics and behaviour as your present customers, thus, helping you increase your conversion rate and customer loyalty. 

#2 Use hashtags 

Don’t you make use of numerous hashtags to increase the follower count of your profile and the number of likes on your photos or videos?


Do hashtags work? 

If they can do you for your picture or video they can also work for brands too! After all, it is the same platform both the parties are dealing with, having the same algorithm and Interface. 

However, there is a line of difference in using hashtags for a personal account and a business account. While a personal account accepts the use of various hashtags, flirting your Instagram at a campaign with hashtags, relevant or irrelevant, will give you no results. 

The trick is to use the right amount and the right set of hashtags! 

Here are some tips that you can follow – 

  • Use relevant hashtags that resonates with your business and your post. 
  • Use popular hashtags to help people discover your post. On the contrary, do not go for extremely popular hashtags as your post may be lost among the crowd and fail to reach your audience. 
  • Do not go to experiment with hashtags and opt for something #hatke it might not give you the desired results. 
  • Keep notes of the number of hashtags used. Using more will not give you more reach but using accurately and adequately will help you convert your audience into sales. 

Also, explore pages that owns a high engagement rate to understand and to seek inspiration. Remember the world is round and therefore do not duplicate or copy any post from any brand. Of course, seeking inspirations are acceptable but duplicity is not! 

#3 Use Instagram stories 

Instagram stories are in trend! 

With several stickers, music and text features available, Insta stories have penetrated the market pretty well and won millions of hearts. Instagram stories is a feature similar to Snapchat, allowing users to post video image that lasts for the next 24 hours to help increase engagement. 

With a minimal attention span, people are often on the hunt for watching something quick and short. They tend to watch several posts from the different brand while browsing social media and forget most of them by the end of the feed. And only a few that succeeds to make an impact is remembered. In order to engage customers and to make an impact that would last long and generate sales, being consistent and being frequent with engagement is important. Keeping all of these in mind, Instagram stories prove to be one of the beneficial methods that brands can use to maximise reach and to increase the conversion ratio. 

Did you know Instagram stories help with brand awareness as well? 

Having a well-engaged Instagram story can get you featured on the Instagram story section, thus making your brand visible to the audience and helps users to explore your brand in an attempt to find new content. 

And this is where you need to make your mark! 

In addition to the above, the leading internet marketing agencies also make use of CTA buttons, shoppable ads and IGTV advertisements to increase engagement and sales. To fetch the best and proven Instagram advertisement strategies, get in touch with the leading digital marketing agencies like BUSFAM today.