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The Importance of Social Media During Lockdown

Promotions are not just a day’s affair. They have been into existence for years longer than your imagination power. But the way of branding was quite different from now.

There will be many out there who would still swear by the traditional marketing strategies in the 21st Century.

The question lies with the young entrepreneurs who are the future to our economy.

Consider the present situation, where the maximum corner of the world is undergoing a lockdown - The streets are empty, shops closed, no sign of humans within the eyesight.

How further will your traditional marketing reach? With no people on the roads, whom will you distribute your flyers or pamphlets to? The ghosts?

This is when digital marketing plays a great role. With the available digital marketing Ad Agency in Kolkata you can boost your business to the zenith of success.

What are possible marketing platforms you can make use of here?

The common answers would be –

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn and many more

The Internet Service Providers are comparatively doing well amidst this lockdown. Why not utilise this window?

But do you think that the digital marketing Ad Agency in Kolkata just creates content and publishes? Would you pay just for hitting the “Upload” button?

The answer is a big NO, they do much more. The primary step that helps you earn all those exposure is optimization.

With the Facebook optimization agency in Kolkata you can restrict your target audience and deliver your information only to them.

Why target audience?

It is true that not restricting your audience will give you a wide exposure, but if you think carefully, the amount you invest will mostly go to waste.


Suppose you specialise in baby products. Not restricting your audience means that your information will reach beyond children and parents, an age group that may not be interested in your product. Thus, your promotion will reach many but in vain.

While you shake hands with an Instagram, Facebook optimization agency in Kolkata or any other social media optimization company you can restrict your audience and reach accurately to the customers interested in your product, convincing them to make purchase decisions.

Facebook! Instagram! Why JUST social mediaaa (screaming)?

You may think why just social media is being talked about and does a digital marketing Ad Agency in Kolkata only deal with social media?

Well, no they cater to more, but social media will work best during this lockdown scenario, hence all these jazz.

Discussed are some of the importance of social media amidst the national lockdown.

  • Reach: Statistic states, by the end of 2019, the number of active social media counts up to 2.95 billion. The active hours have been increased amidst this lockdown, exposing you to a wide area of audience in the most hours of the day.
  • Conversions: The rate of conversion is comparatively high if promoted through social media than any other form of traditional marketing. It is surveyed that customers tend to show interest in a product or service by coming across their advertisement on social media than by hoardings or TVCs.
  • Engagement: The more you stay connected to your audience the more credibility you prove. A small video or an ‘afternoon’ picture can help you engage your audience throughout.

Now that you know the power of social media, all you need to do is hire the leading digital marketing Ad Agency in Kolkata and get social. Evolve while everyone is at home and count your revenue once the nation is ‘set-free’.