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Tips to Boost your Business – Promotion 101

One can never deny that, internet has a massive impact on the life of people. With the growing number of internet users, one always reads reviews or evaluates the business's online presence before availing its product or service.

Digital marketing continues to be among the most effective ways to reach customers online. Promoting your brand with digital marketing can help your business, whether large or small, to grow and generate the required revenue. However with change in time and advancement in technology succeeding can be tricky hence it is essential that you hire a professional digital marketing agency in Kolkata and get your branding done right. Given below some of the digital marketing tips to boost your business.

Build a Social Media Pillar

Social media is growing powerful each day. The number of active social media users are indicative enough to understand the power and impact of such online platforms on businesses. Many organisations have already been successful with the digital marketing campaigns and have gained immense popularity, reputation and clientele. 

Social media also creates a platform for feedback, that often offers a scope of improvement, helping the brand improve in exchange. It will also help to keep direct contact with the audience and keep them engaged with the brand. Keeping the audience engaged will help to retain your customer as well as to increase the conversion ratio.

Social media visibility can be optimised with the help of digital advertising agencies in Kolkata which will boost your social media presence and help your audience to find you faster and easier.

Let the Influencers Talk

Influencer marketing is considered one of the best result-driven marketing strategies. The trick to use influential marketing accurately is to develop a strong bond with the respective influencer and to use his/her platform to connect to his/her followers. This would help in increasing the number of  potential customers by attracting the followers of the concerned influencer. If utilised strategically you can build a strong influential network and practice your PR activities with their help. This would not only help you attract their followers but also assist you in building a strong online reputation.

Besides, it has been proven that influential marketing offers a higher conversion ratio.

Now here is a question for you.

How many times did you purchase a t-shirt or a pair of shades after being influenced by your favourite YouTuber or lifestyle influencer?

Maybe a LOT right?

Well, selling your products or services with their help follows the same algorithm.

Grow Stronger with Words

Words are powerful and so is content marketing. With accurately chosen words you can engage your customer and nurture your online following. Consistent blogs are a great way to make your information relatable and engaging to your customers. Hence, consider to frame your write-up from professionals. They will exactly know what your customers would need and would address them the required way. Also, if the writer belongs to your domain you can utilise their words to speak your mind.

Nevertheless, make sure your blogs are well-written, caters to the pain-point of the customers, are reliable and consistent. You wouldn't like it if your favourite writer would appear once in a blue moon. To build a strong stay connected regularly.

It is advisable to take help of a digital marketing agency in Kolkata and utilise that creative words to speak well of your brand.

Use the Power of Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be a beneficial practice to boost your online visibility. It will help crawl your website and rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Having your website rank higher, will help your visitors find your business conveniently. Get in touch with SEO experts and enhance your online visibility.

Combine Visuals with Words

You can also invest in infographics. It is a unique way of sharing information along with visuals that would deliver what you want to share and also attract with creative images. Infographics have also shown massive acceptance from audiences across the globe. To make your infographic creative and informative consider working with a professional and ROI driven digital advertising agency in Kolkata like BUSFAM and boost your business.

Pay for the Clicks

PPC or Pay Per Click is a strategic way of buying clicks for your advertisement and directing your target audience towards your website and your business. In simple words, you pay the concerned search engine a certain amount against each click on your advertisement displayed on the search engine. It may sound as an investment but the considerable amount you earn against a sale is higher than the amount you pay.

Future scope of digital marketing

Given below are some stats related to the future of digital marketing -

  • The Indian digital advertising industry is expected to have a growth of 33.5%.
  • By 2020 it has been expected that the value of the Indian digital marketing industry will cross the INR to 225 billion benchmark.
  • It is expected that this industry will produce over 20 lacs jobs by the end of 2020.
  • The industry is set to grow annually at an average of 14%.
  • The number of users accessing digital services via their smartphones are counted to be 220 million.
  • The number of mobile internet users is expected to reach a benchmark of 829 million by the end of 2021.
  • It has been surveyed that millennials or young customers check their smart devices every 9.6 minutes or around 159 times per day.

The above numbers state that with passing days digital marketing will have a huge impact in this industry. Businesses are expected to completely depend on the digital marketing agencies in Kolkata for their promotions and ditch the use of traditional marketing.

Search agencies are committed to generating higher ROI and to delivering enhanced brand reputation. Digital marketing is a controlled method of promotion that would give you permanent and desired results.

Hence use digital marketing the right way and watch your brand stand out of the crowd. Shake hands with a professional digital marketing agency in Kolkata and get your promotion done right.