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What is the Use of Social Media Marketing in this World of Social Distancing?

There are several blogs bragging about the social distancing to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Well, the title may drive you towards social distancing, but trust us, the write up deals with something broader.

What comes to your mind when you hear 'social'?

Considering the current situation the answer may be SOCIAL DISTANCING.

But, what apart from the current widely used term?


Yes, the answer is very obvious!

The world of social media is quite wide and year-on-year increase in the number of active social media users has been reported.

This increase in the number of users, widened the scope for digital marketing, and thus emerged several social media marketing agencies in Kolkata.

Inevitably, the offices are closed, transport is unavailable and the country is locked in while embracing the lockdown 'issued in public interest'.

Things just don’t end here, lockdown 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and we are still house arrested!

Curse the Coronavirus!

However, digital advertisements do not believe in such lockdown, come what may. The social media marketing agencies in Kolkata continue to work from their home to make sure your business marketing does not take a halt.

How will they help your brand?

These agencies practice SMO, that is social media optimization to increase your brand visibility on the social media platforms. Besides, the SEO agency in Kolkata practices organic and white hat SEO that not only helps you reach your business goal but also assists in building a brand reputation that will last long.

Now you may ask what is the use of such marketing amidst this social distancing phase?

The lockdown will surely be called-off, sooner or later. This window is quite crucial to enhance your brand image and increase your clientele which will be beneficial post lockdown.

While you work with such agencies you get to explore a new world of marketing, learn new techniques, get exposed to trends and change the way you advertise your business. Additionally, you stay in constant touch with your audience and engage them with creative and relevant content.

Why just social media marketing?

Let's consider the scenario given below –

Situation 1 –

You swear by traditional marketing and you have printed brochures and pamphlets, planning to distribute them, just before the lockdown hits the Nation. People are scared to even touch the brochure or go near you as it may be infected with the coronavirus and the Nation is practising social distancing respectively.

Plus, the roads are empty, the shops are closed and all you see around are policemen dressed in PPEs. Now, are you planning to distribute your brochures amongst the policemen?

If so, please DON’T!

Better you stay home and plan your business strategy than to do it behind the bars.

Additionally, you have invested in hoardings that the recent Amphan cyclone (hitting the coast of West Bengal) takes along.

And your advertisement loses existence!

Situation 2 –

You decided to work with a social media marketing agency in Kolkata just before the lockdown hits. The streets are empty but your agency is working from home and so they do not halt your advertising.

You engage your audience and they show interest in your business. In no time you increase your clientele and your brand image is enhanced.

Inevitably, the second situation seems more attractive, right?

All thanks to the SEO agency in Kolkata!

Summarizing it up, with social media marketing you get to –

  1. Track advertising performance
  2. Reach business goals
  3. Stay in constant touch with the audience
  4. Increase brand creativity

All-in-all, social media marketing proves highly beneficial amidst this social distancing era. While people are all locked in, they can still stay connected to your brand.

So why wait?

Get in touch with digital marketing companies like BUSFAM and propel your business before the lockdown ends and increase your income post the lockdown.

Hurry, Contact now!

The last decision is yours so be smart enough!