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What makes content marketing a crucial part of your business?

You must have heard of the famous phrase content is the king! Truest to the fact funded marketing is actually the keystone to your business’s success. At the heart of digital marketing lies high-quality content which makes your brand not only relevant to what the market demands but also a valuable brand which your consumers can connect to. This is why you should only approach the best content marketing agency in Kolkata to turn out high-quality content for your business needs.

Here are some of the top benefits that content marketing has to offer to your business –

  • Improve the reputation of your brand by building trust

Perhaps the greatest advantage that really showcases the essentiality of content marketing in building the brand reputation. The very first step is to build a solid trust within your customers by generating relevant leads that will not only promote your brand but stay at the zenith for a significant time. 

  • Quality content can help in influencing conversions 

If you have been still sceptical about the relevance and importance of content marketing then look no further than this! 

Let’s check out some of the stats that would convince you – 

  1. As per ABG essentials, content marketing has the potential of converting 6 times more than any other forms of digital marketing. 
  2. As per a survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute, it has been revealed that more than 61% of consumers worldwide have decided to make a purchase decision after going through the recommendations on blogs and articles. 
  3. According to Curata and Hubspot, 74% of small and medium enterprises have reported having witnessed an increase in marketing leads and conversions after delivering quality content in 
  4. greater quantities. 

This is all the more reason why you should approach only a reliable content marketing agency in Kolkata such as BUSFAM who can provide you with unmatched contents that will boost your business and make your brand stand out from the rest! 

  • Optimized content enhances your SEO efforts

The importance and relevance of content marketing into this scenario becomes even more prominent when your business is in need of building a strong SEO presence in the market. Now although search engine optimization has a crucial role to play in enhancing the visibility of your brand online it is paralyzed without optimized content backing it! 

  • Top-quality content can be a cost-effective means in generating new leads 

As you know, lead generation is vital for every form of business, especially the smaller ones which mainly rely on consistent organic traffic to boost sales and lead their brand to grow. 

Content marketing here plays a crucial role in generating leads in an affordable way. Another aspect that you have to consider is the marketing cost. It cost around 62% less than traditional marketing strategies and generates almost three to four times as many leads in the case of content marketing. 

Thus, the importance of hiring a leading content marketing agency in Kolkata like BUSFAM becomes all the more prominent! Although make sure that having such agencies would not exceed your budget. 

  • Well-formed content helps your brand to display your expertise in the subject matter 

Needless to say, potential customers want two no matter whether they're dealing with experts who are aware of the Inns and outs of the concerned industry. So, when they come across quality content they are not only impressed but it installs a faith that they are trusting in the right brand. This has a direct relation in converting potential customers into prospective buyers. 

Buy now you are well aware of how content marketing proves to be the trump card for your small business to flourish in the future endeavours!