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How Instagram Reels Bring Evolution To The Social Media Landscape?

Your weekends or your post-office hours are mostly spent lazing around and gazing at the mobile screen, isn’t it? Scrolling down social media mindlessly is no more a pass time but a regular activity. 

Regardless of the profession, we all have been there. Although our parents were annoyed by this foolish behaviour, they are gradually getting hooked on the addictiveness of smartphones and social media. 

This has significantly affected the success of businesses, trying their luck with social media platforms. While businesses embark on social media with their full-proof strategies, it should have appeared to you how these platforms are THE network that can skyrocket your business success. 

Among all, Instagram has been the users’ favourite. Why? Well, the answers lie with the Instagram Reels bandwagon and its engagement properties. Think it over, and over if you do not have your answer! 

With the soaring popularity of video-based content, Instagram has dropped its bombshell with the launch of Reels in August 2020. 

What are Reels?

Instagram Reels are a competitor to TikTok and is an action-packed video feature that allows a window of 30 seconds to change your game of video posting. With Instagram Reels, you get features like video editing tools, effects, audio additions and a lot more. Almost every social media marketing agency in Kolkata is assertive about the fact that working with Instagram Reels can be a game-changer amidst this competitive market.  

Besides, it has brought in an evolution that shook the social media ecosystem with approximately 1 Billion active users. 

And that is a huge audience for promoting your business. With such a strong audience base, there is no excuse for you to not make use of IG Reels for your business marketing strategies.  

With that being said, here’s how Instagram Reels changed the social media landscape – 

  • It’s easy to create and simple to consume 

Creating video content is a hefty task. Not only does it require you the best videographer skills, but also a considerable investment to get the cinematic look, feel and production that you have envisioned. Besides, the software or editing tools can be out of your production budget. However, the audience consumes video content better, and the fact is inevitable.  

But with Instagram Reels and its features, the next-level editing tools offered can be used to create the next-gen video content. All that you need to invest in some time, effort and skills and engage your smartphone and the internet. 


Your low-budget engaging and impressive video is ready to get viral. Moreover, these videos are short (as long as 15-30 seconds), super quick to digest and are a healthy diet for the eyes considering the short attention span of this generation.  

  • It’s informative and fun 

IG Reels allows you to explore your hidden talents. How about you come to know that along with being a commendable entrepreneur you are also a talented video editor? Well, you always have the option of relying on the professionals to get the best job done if you deem fit. 

But, you can do it too. It’s that simple! 

With IG Reels you can take a chance to explore and present the playful and fun side of your brand and walk apart from the conventional way of marketing. With IG Reels you can let your creative juices flow and create smart videos that would let you connect with your audience effectively. But always remember that making only fun videos will not apprehend your ultimate goal. To make your content valuable, it is important that you share maximum information that would benefit your audience to the maximum, giving them one of many reasons to follow you and choose you over others. 

  • It can benefit you monetarily 

Along with boosting your sales, IG Reels can also benefit you monetarily through the platform. Considering the trajectory of Insta stories, the adept social media professionals affirm that it is completely justified for Instagram to expand its monetization opportunities with Reel-style advertisements. 

Given that 75% of Instagram users actually take action, for example, installing an app, shopping a product or visiting a website after looking at an Instagram ad, monetizing Reels to help creators earn was indeed a much solicitous step taken by the Insta community. To benefit the most, it is hence important to work with agencies well-equipped with the knowledge of the category of posts that finds its way to the top easily.     

  • It rewards content creators 

With the intention of increasing user count and engagement rate, Instagram encourages users to make optimum use of Reels by rewarding them with new followers, likes, audience reach and increased visibility. 

This is done by promoting supporters organically by displaying content on the user’s feed. 

In addition, Instagram Reels are immortal (till you want them to be). Unlike stories that have a life span of 24 hours, Instagram Reels can stay alive on your feed as long as you want them to be. You can share the videos as and when you feel like to maximize your audience and increase your likes and follower count. 

With the potentiality of IG Reels being so valuable, it is time that you discuss strategies with a social media marketing agency in Kolkata and welcome evolution to your social media marketing ecosystem.