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Protect Your Business From The Cyber-Attack By Russia

A massive wave of cyberattacks accompanies current Russia’s military assault against Ukraine. These attacks are wreaking havoc on computer systems across the borders, alert cyber  security experts.

On 23rd February 2022, hours before Moscow sent troops into the neighbouring territory, Ukraine’s financial institutions and government agencies reported that their websites were disabled and malfunctioned due to the DDoS attacks (Denial of Service). 

Although the attacks were unknown, Kyiv professes that the origin of these assaults is Russia. 

Further interrogation and research by ESET (a cyber security firm) explain that the malware responsible for erasing essential data was detected in numerous computers in Ukraine. 

The firm claims that the attacks were pre-planned and have been in motion for the past two months. 

This jeopardised the cyber security of Ukraine as the government claims more than dozens of official and authoritative sites were hacked within the last month. 

Albeit Moscow denies it, the Ukrainian government holds Russia responsible for the ambush. 

Not just Ukraine, the cyber-attacks put every country at risk, increasing the need to be vigilant to prevent becoming a victim of these sponsored attacks. 

You can refer to the website of the United States Government Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) for more information about the cyberattacks from Russia and how you can safeguard yourself. 

It is indeed a tough time for all countries across the globe, and even a simple careless mistake can lead to years of torment. 

Hence, countries should prepare themselves and be well aware of what is going around and how it can affect them. 

How can this cyber attack affect the digital world?

  • Although the SEO community denies it, the leading online Ad agencies in Kolkata states that this disruption can have catastrophic consequences on search visibility and may affect the experience of website visitors. 
  • As website security is essential for SEO, this cyber assault can harm visibility and performance. A poorly performing or disturbing website can affect digital and online branding solutions. 
  • The cyber security experts also claim that this cyber assault could be dreadful for commercial websites. 

Hence it is vital for the admins to be highly vigilant and cautious to prevent any kind of malware. 

What should you know?

One can expect the malware and the cyber attack to affect the globe. Business leaders should keep themselves updated about the whereabouts of the scenario and take precautionary measures. 

Note: The time is running out…

Here are some of the facts that business owners should know as per the leading online Ad agencies in Kolkata - 

  • Whether or not Russia targets your business, you may feel the impact of the ransomware attack. 
  • The attack is not limited to any portal and can affect banking, communications, energy supply and the Internet as a whole. 
  • As the crises spread, companies should start adapting to zero-trust models that can safeguard essential data and assets. 
  • Review and protect every information or data shared on the Internet. 
  • Install a robust password management system. 
  • Be vigilant about the links and websites you visit, and phishing usually starts with malicious sites. 
  • Measure every step when promoting your brand online.  

How to protect your business from the cyber-attack by Russia?

Take simple yet effective steps to prevent your business fall prey to the cyber-attack by Russia. Here are some of the steps that you can follow:

Be vigilant

Businesses need to be alert as scams are on the rise. Avoid unknown emails having malicious links. Do not entertain suspicious attachments.

Use a robust password

Be aware of the password you choose. Your password should be around 12 to 15 characters long, including numbers and special symbols strategically.

Use different passwords for different online accounts. Avoid storing your passwords anywhere online. Alternatively, you can use a robust password manager, like the ones provided by Microsoft, Apple, or Google.

Update your antivirus software regularly

Use trusted antivirus software and keep updating them regularly. Do not use free or unauthorised software as it can inject viruses and malware into your system and promote data phishing. Keeping your software up-to-date will prevent hackers from accessing your system and data.

Limit sharing your personal information

Be aware of what you share and with whom. The experts recommend limiting sharing your personal and essential information to reduce the adversities.

Summing it up…

“The problem is kinetic warfare is almost always accompanied by cyberwarfare,” - Vahid Behzadan, an assistant professor of cybersecurity at the University of New Haven.

This cyber-attack can spread and affect the digital space. Falling into this trap can leave you with unrecoverable loss. As Ukraine already battles the unprecedented event, it is our turn to preplan ourselves.

The Internet is now a risky sphere and hence monitor your steps. Businesses promoting online should be highly cautious.

When choosing  digital branding agency services, it is best to shake hands with credible agencies so that your business is not a part of the cyber catastrophe.

Be cautious and stay safe.