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Ranked 1 Among the 10 Most Promising Creative Designing Service Providers – 2021 by SiliconIndia

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, 

And we dreamt….

We dreamt of being the best, standing apart, being unique and different, and winning hearts. We knew that the path we are treading on is full of challenges, full of thorns, hardships and failures. But we were ready to face them all. 

BUSFAM started as a team of dreamers and believers, compassionate enough to strive for growth and put everything at stake to achieve success. A brainchild of Mr. Subhra Kanti Dey, BUSFAM offers curated creative designing services that target Small and Medium Enterprises helping them follow their visions and make it big amidst this hysterical competition.   

The hiccups and hurdles faced by BUSFAM were numerous, but we guess that is what makes us different. We were aware that the journey would not be a bed of roses but of hot embers. With a passionate and dedicated team, we decided to roar to what may come our way and focus on what lies for us beyond every challenge. 

Today, BUSFAM proudly owns a team that endorses adversities believing that better days are laid ahead. With this motivation in mind, we work creatively to generate coveted outcomes that help us grow and catapults our clients’ success. 

And as they say, hard work pays off, we made our way through ups and downs and rough patches to unlock achievements and be entitled as one of the 10 most promising creative designing service providers – 2021 by SiliconIndia. 

But before we dive deeper into how and why we were rewarded as the best, let us hop on the time machine to know a bit about our CEO and revisit our journey and struggles that make us stand apart. 

MD and CEO - A Brief Background 

Mr. Subhra Kanti Dey, MD and CEO of BUSFAM started his career as a Relationship Manager in investment banking, after completing his MBA in Finance and Masters in Marketing Management from the University of Pune. His knowledge and expertise made him ace the financial sector and strengthen his foot in the corporate surrounding. 

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston S. Churchill.

Inspired, after a span of approximately 10 years (2006-2016) Mr. Subhra Kanti Dey, also a diploma holder in Computer Science, decides to risk his career to give a shape to the dream of being an Entrepreneur that he always yearned to achieve.  This gives birth to BUSFAM, along with financial advisory platforms like Money Assist, and more. 

The fact that drove success for BUSFAM was not only the team but also his compassion towards the employees. He envisioned a combined growth where not only BUSFAM but the entire team will grow and flourish together. He believed that employee satisfaction is the pillar that will keep the company strong for which he aims at providing the best working milieu to the team. 

Our CEO Mr. Subhra Kanti Dey and Co-founder Dr. Shreya Dasgupta have been the pillar for the company. They have always been a shield protecting the team from external blows and motivated the team to strive for higher. 

Our Journey 

Our flight to being the leading digital branding agency in Kolkata was rough but, standing today, we cherish every moment and profoundly believe that every thorny road we have passed led us to the moment that every business awaits deliberately.  Intense market research that started in 2014, BUSFAM finally sowed its roots in 2016. With extensive market research, BUSFAM was well prepared and well-equipped with the industry’s requisites and the challenges that the clients would lay before us. 

But no matter how difficult the times were, we kept growing together…
With its headquarters in Kolkata, BUSFAM progressively grew its team and a branch in Pune. But the journey was rough. We faced multiple ups and downs and adversities that intended to break us, but we kept our iron fist forward. From having nothing to earning giant clients, to again losing loyal customers, BUSFAM faced failures at every phase. Besides, clients were finding it difficult to accept digital marketing over traditional marketing. This further made it intimidating to raise awareness for the need for digital marketing to be in tandem with the technological evolution. 

The 2020 pandemic hit was hard to handle, and again several clients paused their online promotions. However, as they say, there are two sides to a coin, the lockdown made people realise the benefits of digital platforms and how they can help businesses grow than the conventional way of marketing. Our team made the best of this opportunity and reached out to clients to make them understand why they should choose us. 


After we got our name on the list of the 10 most promising creative designing service providers – 2021 by SiliconIndia the first question that we came across was “Why BUSFAM?” and not just that, we have been countering this to several clients as well as how we stand apart. Here’s how – 

  1. Unique Approach 

BUSFAM believes in having a unique approach for all things in marketing. We acknowledge the fact that with technology the digital landscape is undergoing several changes and that trends are always evolving. This is why we try to think a bit “hatke” so that your brand can stand apart and be different from the crowd. We do not believe in the conventional way, nor do we prefer following the usual. We feel that marketing can be done in various ways till we abide by the algorithms and regulations of the digital space. 


      2. Innovative Ideas 

We have developed a team run by the youth to generate innovative ideas. Fresh minds driving your brand gives you maximum advantages and helps you stand the best in the market. 

Besides, working with a team driven by the youth lets you benefit from marketing strategies that the customers can easily consume and the response rate is high. Also, it lets you experiment and explore different strategies to figure out the one that will work the best.     

    3.Trending Technology 

We adapt our strategies with the trending technologies to ensure maximum output. We make sure that our work is in tandem with the dynamics of technology and we strive to make optimum use of trending measurements. This way we can drive niche-based ROI driven strategies that can give your customers a semantic user experience and take your business to newer heights of success. 

Summing it all up…

Being one of the leading social media services agencies, we offer curated digital marketing services that can take your brand ahead. We acknowledge that success is not a bed of roses and failures are a part of the struggle. 

Nevertheless, as a digital branding agency, our mission is to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. We believe in growing together and not just individually. Therefore, we strive to help our customers maximize their profits and generate higher revenue as possible. 

Having said that, digital marketing is the need of the hour and it is important for you to understand how it can impact your business. You can consult with us if required to strategize your brand’s growth. However, while you select a digital marketing agency do keep in mind certain factors like experience, specialization, deadline management skills, communication skills and others to ensure the best service against your investment.